HighcourtThe City of Macedon was built surrounding the landing site of the H.S.S. Dorchester. The colonizer space vessel crash-landed into the surface of the planet Skellium and now stands as a husk, a large, crooked tower looming over the city. The Dorchester serves as a reminder of the origins of the people of Macedon. Due to the very soft nature of the planet’s surface, the ship tore its way into the ground and ultimately stood itself on its end before coming to a halt. Sticking out of the ground, a lake formed around it as the ship must have broken through into an underground water reservoir. There are very few locations in Macedon where you can not see the ship in the background.

City Layout

Macedon has been established in the shape of a wheel surrounding Lake Olympia (as it came to be known). Most points in the colony are located off of the Dorchester as the center of the compass and directions are simply given from that point with the assumption that ‘north’ means, ‘North of the Dorchester.’

Highcourt, which contains The Echelon, was set up directly west and north. This area was technically built back on Earth. The beautiful buildings were stored inside the Dorchester, and once released from the ship, they hovered into place via self-contained rocket thrusters in a predetermined arrangement. Today, the government of Macedon conducts its business here, ruling over the portion of the colony that remained loyal to the idea of a central power.

To the north is a residential area, made up of small communal housing pods established on the ship. After landing, these houses mostly consisted of simple homes with a cot, a table and bed. They utilized communal washrooms and dining areas. These communities have since been invested in by both the Council and Clarity and have grown into of the most luxurious homes in the colony. The region still remains loyal to the colony and is under Council rule. However, they also remain a very close-knit community, retaining the communal dining areas as a way to socialize.

Between the public housing sector and Highcourt is the Promenade and the Public Marketplace. Both are under the Council’s control and are wary of outside influence from Claypigeon. The region enjoys Journeymen protection and is a location where the upstanding citizens of Macedon can purchase anything. Most people travel to the Promenade simply to rub elbows with the elite.

To the east and north is Greenspire, home of Clarity Inc. Once a radioactive dumping ground for waste after the landing, Sector 32 has been rehabilitated by the scientists and engineers of Clarity to re-beautify the area and make it home to the employees of the company as well as high education facilities and business ventures.


To the east and south is Claypigeon. House Wren established the community and built an interior wall to “keep out the riff-raff,” Ironically, the colony appreciates that as it serves as a way to contain the crime and violence that has overcome the sub-city.

Docksdown is the poorest region of the city. It was the original base of operations after disembarking from the ship and it has not been developed since. Most of the people who live here are forced to do so out of necessity. Many times, exiled crime lords from Claypigeon will flee to Docksdown for a time simply to escape and regroup. Otherwise, there is not much reason to venture into the area.

The military has created a base to the east that is named after the legendary Dorchester Captain, Madison Sandquist. Fort Sandquist consists of a large central compound with many smaller buildings that serve as a mini-city for the Journeymen Order. From here, the Order send out patrols that guard the other regions of the city.


The Dorchester was able to house over 250,000 people, but only an estimated 175,000 survived the crash landing of the ship. During the Dorchester’s landing, some pods were lost and many people could not be awoken from their stasis pods. The boom in population after the stasis pods were released, and the protective walls being built were dashed abruptly by an illness known as ‘the Green Plague.’  Growth was shorter after that period, but still rose slightly for the next five years. The population has been slightly stagnant since then due to various wars, uprisings and house raids, as well as mystery illnesses.

To advance Skellium’s human civilization, Clarity has invested into the education of the citizens. Not only have they created universities in Greenspire, but they have also revitalized the schools in the other regions of the city as well. To the contrary, Wren has seen fit to quash education both culturally and physically by focusing on street smarts, ruling by the gut, and defacing schools and universities.  One more squabble between the houses.

While the hostility of the planet and Macedon’s politics have taken their toll on the potential population, there is hope for expansion yet. Due to increases in food production and healthcare access, it is projected that population increases could be on par with Earth standards in the colony’s near future, assuming no further serious setbacks.

Only time will tell.

Worldbuilding: Macedon
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