Perched in the northwest corner of Macedon, the Highcourt district stands tall over the rest of the city. Here the Central Council keeps rule over their domain, high above the territories of the lesser Houses. The district is home to the seat of Macedon’s government, democracy, law and order… and yet, there is far more going on in Highcourt than meets the eye.

The Highcourt

The namesake of the district, the Highcourt itself is a fortress-like compound built on a man made plateau overlooking the rest of Macedon. This is the seat of the Council’s power, and it encompasses much of the legal and logistical apparatus necessary to keep the colony in order. Courthouses, law offices, administrative departments — all the cogs in the Council’s sprawling bureaucratic machine.

Each of the five Council members — or Consuls, as they are officially called — also maintains a private residence within the complex, each more dazzling and palatial than the last. The grandest of the bunch, the Presidential Palace, is nearly the largest structure within the Highcourt — second only to the massive Council Chamber itself.

Within the Highcourt, intrigue and counter-intrigue are an industry unto themselves. In addition to the politicians, bureaucrats and businesspeople out for power, this district also boasts the largest concentration of spies and double agents in all of Macedon. Paying someone to spy on your friends and enemies alike isn’t paranoia — it’s just good practice. A single overheard word can be the windfall that advances your agenda, or the blow that sabotages it from the inside.

The EchelonHighcourt

Surrounding the Highcourt complex, and taking up most of the district, is a large residential area known colloquially as the Echelon. The Echelon was one of the original settlements constructed in the early days of the Landing, and many of its most prominent structures were once self-contained modules aboard the Dorchester. To live in such a module is considered a sign of success and clout within the district, and not an idle one: for the Echelon is where many of Macedon’s wealthy elite make their homes.

One popular destination within the Echelon itself is the Promenade, Macedon’s most upscale commercial center. The shops, restaurants and attractions located in the Promenade make the area a cultural nexus of the city, or at least, for its most wealthy and influential citizens. The Promenade is a playground for Macedon’s political elite — the rich, the powerful, the Council’s staunchest supporters.

This concentration of the city’s upper class has made it something of a sore spot in the minds of the colony’s less fortunate denizens. A resentment based in petty jealousy, to be sure… but nonetheless, the upper class cling just a bit more tightly to their valuables whenever they leave the Echelon’s well-lit commons and cross into less savory parts of the city.

The Underbelly

Every light casts a shadow, and the glitzy lights of the Promenade are no exception. Hidden in plain sight beneath the Promenade lie a vast network of subterranean tunnels, left over from the construction of the Highcourt plateau so many years ago. Various groups have made their home here in the so-called Underbelly, right under the noses of Macedon’s elite. Such fat purses in the streets up above are attractive targets for a certain class of criminal.

Like everything in the Highcourt district, class is what sets the Underbelly apart from Macedon’s other criminal networks. The brigands and thugs that make their living in the city’s poorer districts, like Claypigeon and Docksdown, are nothing more than rats quarreling over scraps of bread. Here, in the true heart of Macedon’s underworld, the most discreet and skillful of the city’s rogues hold court. Power, intrigue, and information rule here, just as they do in the court above…

Bastion Heights

To the south of Highcourt proper, along the border of the Westbastion district, lies the foreboding walls of Bastion Heights Prison. If the Highcourt is a palace, then Bastion Heights is a fortress; where the Promenade is opulent and proud, Bastion Heights is desolate and austere.

The Wardens — the men and women who guard Bastion Heights — are a division of the Journeymen Order, the military organization who serve and protect Macedon in times of war. Into the Wardens’ care are entrusted the worst of the worst: convicts, criminals and enemies of the Council who can’t be held anywhere else. To enter Bastion Heights is to come face to face with the dark underside of the Council’s justice: in twelve years, no prisoner has ever left alive.

Welcome to Highcourt

Think you have what it takes to walk among Madeon’s elite? To wine and dine with the rich and powerful? To lock eyes with the men and women who hold humanity’s future in their palms?

Here, the Council members face off against one another for control over the city’s fate — and they aren’t the only ones. Tread carefully.

Worldbuilding: Highcourt

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