Greenspire is the home to Clarity Inc. and most of its employees, and is considered the business sector of the city. The coldly named “Sector 32” section of the colony was once cordoned off due to a radiation leak coming from a large cylinder that housed one of the Dorchester’s thrusters. When Lain Cochrane set his sights on the area, he chose to stand the long metal tube and turn it into a large tower overlooking all of Macedon. Thus, Sunreach Tower was born.

Sunreach Plaza

At the foot of Sunreach Tower, the bustling center of Greenspire can be found. Sunreach Plaza is not only the center of the Clarity Inc compound, it also houses many other businesses contracted under the Incorporation. Given its propensity of seating, common areas and restaurants, it also serves as a meeting place for business events and performances, .

The plaza follows Clarity’s image: cutting edge, well kept and professional. Since it is a part of Clarity Inc., there is a minimum dress code enforced by the company’s security. While not strictly followed, it gives just cause for removing undesirable or trouble-causing guests that do not adhere to such rules. The decor also changes each month, and tends to follow Macedon’s holidays and seasons, or the latest dyes and trends among the elite.

Holland’s Emporium

One of the more unique places in Greenspire is Holland’s Emporium. Amanda Holland ran a scrap service that gathered the heaps of debris from the ship accumulated in the area to help fuel Clarity’s budding industry. After a few years, the business grew and become something of a scrapyard for all of Macedon. Jasper Holland, Amanda’s son who was raised in and around the establishment, became something of a tinkerer. While still dealing in scrap, Jasper’s creations and restorations soon became the focal point of the yard, people coming from all over to browse and shop for unique gadgets and machinery. After Amanda died in year 14 AL, Jasper and his sister Aretha became co-owners of the flourishing business.

The influx of failed experiments and burnt out technology has created quite the museum of fun and bizarre designs. Some are sold as modern art, others have actual purpose and function, while many still have some niche use awaiting a proper home. On a planet so-far devoid of metal, whose very atmosphere seems to eat away at the foreign substance, every piece needs to be saved in order to preserve the many functions it performs. To that end, Holland’s patented “Metal-Last” oil has done quite a service toward keeping Macedon’s technology from withering into antiquity.

Clarity Academy

While the Dorchester had a functional digital-learning database built into the ship’s computers, the colony was left without proper access to these tools. Higher education was House Parakeet’s charge for when the colony was properly established. Even though his house never achieved its goal before being reformed into something fairly different, Lain Cochrane still wished to devote his group’s resources toward the pursuit of knowledge while keeping it free from government hands.

The Academy is the perfect place for Clarity to train and mold people to fit the needs of their company and fill jobs from within. While the Academy focuses on programs specifically for Clarity Inc. roles, they also have many other disciplines to study for any type of degree. Combining capitalism and education has been a major drive behind the success of higher education in the colony.

Sunreach Tower

The crown jewel of Greenspire, Sunreach Tower is the base of operations for Clarity Inc. At twelve stories tall, it is one of the tallest buildings in Macedon, and juts up from the Clarity compound like a beacon of capitalism, a symbol of Macedon’s growth and future.

The top floor is reserved for Clarity’s board members and their immediate staff. The third floor is where the esteemed Team Briar tackles the company’s most challenging and thought-provoking undertakings, such as Ecosteel, the plant-based replacement for metal. The west wing of the compound is the medical wing, being the easiest for the rest of Macedon to access.

The various colors of the Clarity scrubs can be seen converging every shift change at the antechamber, the large connecting hub for all the different wings and offices of Sunreach Tower. The east wing, with it’s large underground complex, is where outsiders believe that Clarity does all of its sinister experiments on human subjects, splicing them with plants and other tales of mad science experiments. While certain aspects of these rumors hold true, the public imagination runs wild with absurd speculation to the point that most avoid the area as though passers-by would get kidnapped and experimented on.

Worldbuilding: Greenspire
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