The southeast region of Macedon holds the House of Wren. Roman Jackson and his Blackguard keep rule over the working-class house comprised of construction workers and laborers, but in the streets of Claypigeon, the many gangs are a constant cog in the workings of Wren.


The first structure built in Macedon was a place for all the construction workers to call home. While a portion of Claypigeon is comprised of the housing compartments the Dorchester brought to colonize the planet, much of this district was hastily erected to serve as temporary shelter. However, for many of the poorest citizens, the cobb housing, wooden shacks and three-story slum buildings are their permanent homes.

The densely packed living areas are accentuated by violence and theft, as most underprivileged societies fall into. While the 30,000 standing Blackguard troops try to maintain general order, the gang culture and antiestablishment mentality keeps the streets a danger to anyone passing through them. While an odd sense of honor keeps most Wrenspeople from killing each other, they fight and challenge each other constantly.

This might-makes-right social construct has made the house of Wren a very strong force, and made the people of Wren dangerous on many levels. Yet, the strong sense of family and honor accompanies the red-bandana-clad house, and creates an unsettling friction with outsiders. The Way of the Wren is hard for outsiders to understand, but without it, the people of Claypigeon would surely devour each other.

Grime Alley

This district to the south-west is known for its reputation of having hundreds of businesses on multiple legal levels. Not many places in Macedon can boast an honest barber shop, an illegal gambling ring and a black market arms dealer all in the same building. It’s been said that if you can’t find it in Grime Alley, one of the shop-owners will track it down and ‘acquire’ it for you. All of these sordid and legit businesses owe their stability to the Grime Alley Gang.

Led by Sylvester McCormick (the dubiously titled ‘Prince of Grime Alley’), the Grime Alley Gang provides equal amounts protection and extortion to the families, business owners and lesser gangs that call Grime Alley home. Roman Jackson’s respect for Sly has kept the Blackguard from harassing the GAG or its protectees.

Despite its name, Grime Alley is actually one of the more prosperous parts of Claypigeon, considered a middle-class area by local standards. “Stick to Grime Alley” has become something of a motto for people visiting Claypigeon, given that not far in most any direction are violent and depressing slums. The highly visible ‘GAG’ graffiti tags serve as a warning sign at each edge of the district, both to people outside and in.


At the center of Claypigeon stands the massive Surpasseum complex. A series of pyramid-like structures, the Surpasseum serves as a base of operations for most of the house business of Wren. The Blackguard are trained and housed there, as well as Roman Jackson’s office and every amenity that he requires.

The large gun turret on top of the structure was originally part of the Dorchester’s defense system, but now serves as a metered threat against Wren’s enemies. It also serves as a symbol for Wren, showing the house’s antagonistic nature. Most people in Macedon assume the gun is non-functional, but only the Blackguard know for certain.

Wren’s Claw Tavern

This renowned bar is the center of all the action in Claypigeon. Residing directly between Grime Alley and the Surpasseum, the clientele is wide. While it is large enough to host a small convention, the various rooms and levels help keep it cozy for groups of friends or small cliques.

The fighting pit is where many disputes have been settled, some famously. David Davis’ sons all fought in a free-for-all there to determine who would inherit the man’s home after he died. More often, it hosts sport-fighting for gambling and entertainment.

Orphan’s Row

Wren’s way of life often comes with grave consequences. When people are fighting every day for pride, ideals, or just to make a living, there are a lot of casualties. While most Wren fights aren’t to the death, accidents surely happen. Also, plenty of desperate Claypigeon residents simply do what they need to survive, or turn to drugs. All this said, many children wind up without parents, and one place they can turn is Orphan’s Row.

While not even half-populated by parentless children, the many orphanages, children-run households and child gangs in the area lead to its somewhat misleading name. Ultimately, it is one of the few areas not controlled by an adult gang or under the protection of the Blackguard. Given the rowdy children’s great numbers, somewhat lack of honor and the overall undesirability of the region, the area is firmly under the control of different gangs of youth, which themselves are sometimes guided by some adult factor.

Taren Blaine’s gang, named ‘the Firstborn’ after her, has recently started cleaning up this area and making it more hospitable. They have removed some of the influential criminals from power, lifted a few people out of the dirt, and renovated a few areas to be less downtrodden. In fact, the first legitimate business to open up in the area, a restaurant and youth hangout called Chicky’s, is directly an effort of Taren’s influence.

Word on the street is that Taren is positioning herself to become a major power in Claypigeon, and that she is pushing to win support across the colony, which her title of ‘firstborn on the planet of Skellium’ already affords her. What her overall plan is, if any, is known only by her.

Worldbuilding: Claypigeon

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