Hey guys! This is our very first blog entry and is an exciting time for us. This publication indicates that we are ready to reveal our setting for you. My goal with the blog is to be able to share with you information about our team, products and upcoming plans. My goal is to be as transparent and available to our audience as possible. We have come a long way in our development and believe that we are … FINALLY! … ready to lift the sheets and rev the engine a little.

To start off the blog, I thought I would introduce my band. No, we are not going to play music for you, but I think it’s important for me to give the credits where they are deserved. My team is a very good one and I look forward to working with these guys for many years to come.

First up is my friend and game designer Jake Kessler. Jake joined the team around 7 years ago, and he has done a wonderful job of taking my crazy game concepts and sculpting them into actual content that is usable. We work very well together in a concept through development team. Needless to say, Jake and I have been working on this in a hobbyist capacity for quite sometime. It is so very exciting to actually see our fruits blooming on the trees finally.

Quick story, we have actually re-designed this game from the floor up three times! It was originally a digital card game called Persona Wars. I think Jake called this something like version 3.5 or something like that. But we are finally satisfied with the design.

Somewhere along the line, Jake and I decided to turn our game into a storytelling game. That actually required team growth, as we needed people to write our stories. Matt Viviani joined us around 5 years ago and has crafted himself into the local Lore Master. He has told me on several occasions that he is the world’s largest Age of Primes fanboy and I think that makes for an awesome combination of teammate and source of knowledge about the world.

Not too long after Matt arrived on the scene, Rebekah Sharpe came into our lives and began asking questions. She has not stopped asking them after 4 years. Rebekah has take up the role as Matt’s counterpart writer. They work very well together, one will write a story and the other will edit (and generally take each other to task). I find a lot of enjoyment silently watching them work and seeing where the story leads. They both have become very important parts of our team.

Story here, Rebekah is our source of research for… everything. I actually stopped looking things up as by the time I had typed in the search line into Google, she had the answer already. Now, I just email her my question and she Googles it! I guess she has me trained. “Just… let me do it!”

A couple of years ago, we realized that we were actually finished with the design of game, which meant one thing… we needed art! A long and tedious search began as we tried to find the person who would bring Age of Primes to life. We found that person… and it was not Joe Latham. After a bit of time, I decided I wanted two artists. I really wanted to explore the world of Skellium and in doing so, I needed someone to paint landscapes and explore, explore, explore! That person was Joe.

Unfortunately, our original artist bowed out. I began to search for a replacement when Joe tapped me in the shoulder and said… “Hey, I’ve got this.” What he failed to tell me was that he had never done painting like this before! So he took it upon himself to learn to paint actions scenes, portraits, etc. It has been a pleasure watching Joe develop. He literally painted every single  piece of art for the cards, website, books, etc. The man is a beast.

And that is my team. Me? My job is Director, which is a term that we stole from the movie business. It’s not just project management, but also being totally involved in all aspects of development, without getting in the way of creative genius. I want you to experience Jake’s design, Matt and Rebekah’s stories and Joe ‘s visuals. If you take a step back and see everything, you see my creativity. But that is where our team thrives — the growth of both the ‘forest’ and the ‘trees’.

Please understand that we are an indie team working part time on this project. We don’t have the resources today to have a super fast paced development of product, but we have ambitions to get there. We want to release several episodes a year and drive the story onward. But, we also understand that with a small team and limited funds, we are going to develop a little slower than we would like. We ask that you have the same understanding.

If you have any questions about our team, vision, etc. please don’t hesitate to ask. We are very excited about our game and setting and would love to talk about it. We are available for media interviews, questions on social media from fans, etc.   If you’d like to contact me regarding anything, you can email me at cnewton@ageofprimes.com.

You can always meet up with us on:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ageofprimes

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ageofprimes

Tumblr: www.tumblr.com/ageofprimes

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