Age of Primes Print and PlayMaking the decision to invest into a game is a big one. We want to help you make the decision to join our community and support our team and product as simple as possible by letting the game sell itself. That is why we have created Print & Play sets for our theme decks. We want you to take the game out for a spin, learn about cool tricks and combos and ultimately fall in love with our Primes.

Age of Primes is no different than any other card game in that it does require an investment in order to get started. Our Print & Play sets will allow you to have a much smaller investment to let you test drive the game. Also, we want to keep in touch with you regarding the progress of Age of Primes.  You will find an email sign-up form on this page. Please take a quick minute to sign-up and let us know what you think so far!

Print & Play = Beta Testing

It is important to note that all Print & Play sets should be considered in Beta Testing. It is entirely possible that these files were exported before the card designs were finalized. Some card wordings, images, etc. may have been modified since the publication of these Print & Play documents. These cards are not intended for long term or commercial use. They are only for testing the game at your kitchen table with your friends.

Print & Play Instructions

The full experience of Age of Primes comes with having sufficient enough cards to play the game against your friends. Each theme deck consists of 35 unique cards, 16 Elite (1 per deck), 18 Basic (3 per deck) and 1 token (5 per deck).


The corresponding Print & Play file for each theme deck has 9 sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Make sure that you print 100% (not sized to fit!) To print a complete set, you will need 27 sheets of white paper and a color printer. Alternately, you can transfer the files to a flash drive and go to a local printing store. To print a complete prototype set on 20 lb bond paper, it cost me around $5-10.

  • We recommend that you print a single copy of each deck and play with your friends a few times to learn the game before constructing your own decks.
  • In order to have a complete set of rares to make constructed decks, you will need to print sheet 1 and 2 two more times to get a total of 3 copies of each rare.


Next step is to cut each of the cards from the sheet. If you have access to a paper shear, it will make quick work of this task. You can just place the cards into a card sleeve at this point, but we recommend inserting a card from another game first, then sliding the Age of Primes paper cards in on top of the other card to provide a more realistic feel.


Once you have the three decks sleeved, its time to rock and roll! Each player picks a House (deck) and then select their Persona (Prime). Shuffle up and get started! If you only have two players, we recommend one player (preferably the least experienced card game player) to play as Wren. This will allow you to good grasp on combat and a decent dose of how Actions play. Wren is the easiest of the three decks to learn.

Game Time!

If you have the capabilities to record your game play sessions, we would love to share them. Simply upload your games to YouTube and send a link to the video to us HERE. Please note that while we appreciate everyone playing and enjoying the game, if your recorded behavior is not representative of the audience that we are marketing toward, we will not share your video.

Meaning: Play nice and have fun.

Print & Play Sets

Age of Primes Rulebook

 Episode 1: Firstborn

Glory of Wren
Council Authority
Clarity Experiments