Episode I: Glory of Wren

Who is Taren Blaine?

Taren Blaine

Taren has a callous personality because of the heavy expectations forced onto her as she matured under Claypigeon’s eyes. She wants a normal childhood denied to her by circumstance. She craves normalcy for her parents who constantly stress themselves out protecting her. She wants to live in a neighborhood of her choosing, not one selected by the Council and protected around the clock by the Journeymen.

“For once can’t I cut class and not be escorted back by armed guards?”


Taren BlaineWith a large number of Macedon citizens in their twenties and thirties having been brought to the planet via stasis pods, there was a large gap between generations. Most took time to acclimate to Skellium before having children. While there are a few hundred kids older than Taren who were born on the ship, most of the youth in Macedon are much younger than her and look to her with respect and understanding. Instead of expecting things of her, they only want to be around her. Taren has unwillingly become the leader of a gang of children that call themselves the Firstborn.

While she resisted at first, Taren realized that the children of Claypigeon were being exploited and the adults were simply not going to stop it. Duty to her people had finally won. After she overthrew Fat Bosco, the boss of Orphan’s Row, children and teenagers across Macedon began to flock to her. The peace that she dreamed of had finally arrived.

While not a fighter, Taren is a fierce leader. Her army of children eagerly protect her, longing for a chance to stake a claim to their homeland the elders have abused and neglected.

Time will tell if the Firstborn is a true godsend or a false idol.

Rivals and Allies

Fat Bosco

Taren’s major rival in Claypigeon is Fat Bosco. In fact, her first major accomplishment was overthrowing Bosco’s child criminal gang, and establishing herself as the youngest gang leader in Claypigeon. After liberating the children from Orphan’s Row, Taren has been at odds with Bosco’s new gang, but no more than petty street brawls have occurred.

Since then, Taren has had many run-ins with other surrounding gang lords, most ending with her being dismissed, saying, “I don’t have time to squabble with a kid.” In truth, anyone who crosses Taren also crosses the Journeymen Order — something that most gangs in Claypigeon can’t do. Though Taren does not like the one-sided alliance, she understands the advantage of having the most powerful military in Macedon protecting her.

Because of this, jealousy and fear has perverted her image to other gang leaders. She is no longer a cute little girl, but a threat just like the Blackguard. Fortunately for them, Taren appears oblivious to her position’s power — for now.

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