Sea. 1, Ep. 1: Glory of Wren

Who is Sylvester McCormick?

Sylvester McCormick

Sylvester McCormick, best known as Sly in Claypigeon, is the leader of a small but notorious gang from Grime Alley. Sly has used his quick wits and high intelligence to enter a position of esteem in Claypigeon.

Sly is considered one of the few people who have successfully left the Blackguard thanks to its leader, Roman Jackson, who owed Sly’s deceased father a favor. With the debt to Sly’s father repaid, any sort of favoritism that Jackson had shown to Sly ended along with their professional relationship.

Sly is also one of the few remaining people in Macedon who actually have a metallic weapon. His adeptness at using his titanium katana has told many fatal tales. With his powerful and deadly attacks, Sly is as vicious in combat as he with his tongue. His cool composure in any situation is bolstered by his loud and egotistical banter. More often than not, people find themselves in a heated debate with Sly prior to physical combat, which tends to leave his opponents doubting their own abilities.


Sylvester McCormickBorn into chaos, Sly is most comfortable within discord. Although violence was the most prominent feature of his upbringing, he sees violence more as a tool than a lifestyle, making him an outcast in Wren. While Sly enjoys a fight more than most, he rarely starts them. He prefers a fallen foe to gloat over, thus only kills when given good reason–namely staying alive.

Sly has built his neighborhood on a principle of honor and respect, but it should not be confused with being kind to his neighbors. Relative to the surrounding areas dominated by different gangs, the mild levels of extortion and criminal mischief the Grime Alley Gang lay on their region is a welcomed gift. His men take great care of their neighborhood in exchange for preferential treatment and monetary tribute. The Grime Alley Gang protects local shop owners from outside extortion, violent crime, and authorities. In response, the shop owners also protect the Grime Alley Gang by providing them shelter and offering misinformation to anyone who comes looking.

Sly has taught his gang members well in his ways and does not tolerate any deviance or those messing with people under his “protection.” His neighborhood is very grateful for his presence and provide him extra tribute just to keep him around to keep worse ganglords from moving into the area.

Rivals and Allies

The Blackguard

When Sly took over the Grime Alley Gang, he entered an agreement with the owner of the Wren’s Claw Tavern. Not only is it his base of operations, but he splits profits with the owner by helping facilitate the flow of dangerous (thus lucrative) business, while minimizing the risk of violence and theft. Sly’s idea to incorporate a fighting pit made the once popular hangout a landmark in Claypigeon where people can go for a good show, or to show off.

Because of his mouth, Sly doesn’t tend to get along well with other gang leaders. He has many rivals, but none as polarizing as his former leader, Roman Jackson. Still, Sly is not a big enough fish in the pond to actually pose a threat to Jackson, who still treats him like a distant bastard son. Rather, he has a lot of squabbles with members of his former Blackguard, many of which remember him and treat him as a traitor.

In spite of his ill encounters with the Blackguard, rumors circulate saying Sly has entered into a relationship with a powerful gang out of South Claypigeon. That kind of support could change the tide in the ongoing struggle with the Blackguard.

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