Prime Episodic Appearance:

Sea. 1, Ep. 1: Council Authority

Who is Shaun Mason?

Shaun Mason

The typical starship captain is classically handsome with broad shoulders, confident and self-assured, and a natural and charismatic leader. Shaun Mason comfortably fits that description. Among his typical features, Captain Mason is a man’s man, a role model for young men, and a man of integrity, service, and determination.

As the last acting captain of the Dorchester, Captain Mason was one of the most revered citizens for his service and leadership in the crash landing on Skellium. Despite his initial resistance, his shift into the Council was the only logical move for him. When Joseph Tromburg came calling, Mason had few reasons to turn him down.

Over the years, Captain Mason has provided strength and a sensible leadership to the Council. While his body ages, his temper and desire to get the job done right resonates through the Colony. While Captain Mason is not a politician and does not pretend to be one, he is not as diplomatic as his looks make him appear. On many occasions, he has forcefully removed lobbyists from the Council Chambers.


Shaun MasonCaptain Mason still possesses a traditional sense of duty after all of these years. He inspires courage and demands respect from those around him. When he speaks, he expects to be heard and hear a “Yes Sir!” in return.

Because of his nature, he conflicts with manipulative politicians. Whoever is across from Captain Mason, he wants to see a good person staring back at him. What he sees today scares him and makes him want to get away from it all. To him, the days of respectful young men are gone. Police and military don’t stand up for civilians anymore. The Journeymen don’t demand discipline from their ranks anymore. And frankly, he feels old. His people are gone, and his family doesn’t hold his code of conduct.

All that remains of the awe-inspiring Captain Mason is his time as captain of the Dorchester. He bears the truth of an off-course ship, the murder of Captain Krieter, the lurking threat of terrorism, the secret executions of conspirators, and the death of his mentor and friend, Captain Madison Sandquist. To this day, Mason sees a shameful man different to the man Macedon reveres.

Rivals and Allies

Roman Jackson

It was his friend, Joseph Tromburg, that lured him out of retirement and into public service again. He saved Mason. Because of this, Mason has stood by Joseph’s side through thick and thin. Even when he knew that Joseph was making a mistake, he stood by him, ignorant to anyone’s protests. The President had spoken after all.

If asked if he had any other friends, Shaun would slowly mull it over and concede the name Jackson. Even though, technically Roman Jackson was over 80 years older than Mason, his time in the stasis hibernation had frozen him in time, allowing Mason to pass him. As Jackson looks to Mason as his elder and having a military background himself, he looks at the Captain as a retired superior. He stops by his house several times a week to talk and share a cup of coffee, but never patronizes him with age or political disagreements.

Mason is the only person in Macedon who has publicly stood up to Jackson and his Wren. While other Council members will talk against him, Mason has not only spoken up, he actually has had Jackson arrested and tried for murder. Through it all, Mason holds a kindred spirit with Jackson.

Ben Gentry, on the other hand, is a snake in the grass. The charming smiles and handshakes do nothing for Captain Mason. Having dealt with large groups of people back on the Dorchester, Captain Mason has pretty much seen it all, and Gentry does not fool him. There simply is nothing that he can do about Gentry. He can’t seem to find a stitch of wrongdoing on Gentry anywhere.

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