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Sea. 1, Ep. 1: Clarity Experiments

Who is Selina Vargas?

Selina Vargas

Selina Vargas is a gifted surgeon who oversees Clarity’s military enhancement program.

Born on the Dorchester during its decades-long voyage through space, Dr. Vargas found a place for herself after the Landing in the Journeymen’s medical corps, tending to wounded soldiers. After the Lark rebellion, however, Dr. Vargas left the military behind and became a doctor at Mercy Hospital in Docksdown, where she eventually became the Head of Surgery.

Lain Cochrane discovered Dr. Vargas in his quest to assemble all of Macedon colony’s most brilliant scientific minds. By offering her a seat on his board of directors, Cochrane was able to convince Vargas to join Clarity, Inc. and lend her considerable medical and biological expertise towards advancing Cochrane’s cause of making the world better for humanity. Vargas’s military contacts were also instrumental in Clarity winning the contract for the Council’s experimental military enhancement program, which Dr. Vargas was then asked to oversee. Now she works directly with the soldiers who volunteer for the program, using Clarity’s proprietary human augmentation technologies to make them better, faster and stronger than ever before.

“I became a doctor so I could help people. Director Cochrane’s dream lets me do just that.”


Selina VargasDr. Vargas is an altruist and caregiver at heart: she genuinely believes in helping people through the administering of personal care. Her experience, both as a public surgeon and as a military doctor, give her a mixed outlook on the work she’s called on to do in Clarity’s military enhancement trials: On the one hand, she has seen the horrors of war and knows that strengthening Macedon’s military forces is far from innocent. On the other hand, she genuinely believes in protecting the peace and security of the colony — an effort she likes to believe is aided and supported by her own work.

In short, while Dr. Vargas knows better than to trust the Journeymen Order or the Council leadership, she ultimately believes a strong military does more good than harm for the people of Macedon.

Rivals and Allies

Lain Cochrane

Selina Vargas owes her career to Director Cochrane: It was Cochrane who found her in the under-funded surgical wing of Mercy Hospital, elevating her to Clarity’s board of directors and placing her in control of the military enhancement program. As such, she trusts Cochrane implicitly, and believes in his grand dream of making life better for all humankind.

Yet Dr. Vargas’s place within Clarity is far from assured, even with Director Cochrane’s support. There are endless rivals for the Director’s favor, and many see the military enhancement program as their ticket to greatness. Much as she disdains the politics of corporate life, Dr. Vargas has learned to play the game — for her own protection, lest the program and her control of it be taken away from her.

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