Sea. 1, Ep. 1: Glory of Wren

Who is Roman Jackson?

Roman Jackson is the feared leader of the Blackguard. Going all the way back to its formation back on Earth, Jackson has been the undisputed leader of the House of Wren. When he awoke from his 65-year stasis-induced sleep, even the gangsters and thugs which had taken over the Wren block (and most of the Dorchester) bowed and submitted to him and his Blackguard.

Jackson has led many conquests on Macedon. Most were political, but in the occasion with Lark, bloodshed occurred. Ultimately, Jackson teamed up with the military police, The Journeyman Order, and drove the ‘savage’ House of Lark into exile, a fact he cites any time someone dares to question his contributions to Macedon.

People who know him would tell you that they both fear and respect him equally. Like two sides of a single coin, one minute, he is the most charming, caring, and compassionate man in Macedon, and the next, he is a wild dog chasing the scents of fear and blood.


Roman JacksonJackson is a military man. A former 5-Star general in the Republic of Texas Army, Jackson believes in toughness, discipline, and honor. He expects nothing less than loyalty from his men and people.

Through it all, Jackson has the best intentions for the entire colony, not just Claypigeon. That’s why he refused to relinquish his seat on the Council when Wren seceded from the Council’s umbrella government of Macedon. Each term, Claypigeon nearly unanimously re-elects him to represent them because he does exactly that. He embodies the House and its community and will treat anyone exactly as they treat him in all respects. He is known for extracting revenge on his foes without mercy and standing up for those he loves. Roman Jackson’s most defining trait is the way he would go to extremes defending his people against any opposing force.

Rivals and Allies

Shaun MasonIn his eyes, Jackson has only one peer: Captain Shaun Mason. As a former general, Jackson understands what it takes to rise high in the ranks, and if he were on Mason’s ship, he would be deferring to the captain as his superior. Added to this is the fact that Mason is courageous enough to stand up to him and not be intimidated by Jackson’s presence and the force of Wren. Roman likes and respect this, especially since no one else has the will.

Given his disposition, everyone else in the colony has become a pawn in the game. His chief rivals, Mandara Amah and the rest of Lark, were exiled, leaving Jackson an unchallenged champion for many years. Clarity and the Council seem content to let Jackson rule the slums of Claypigeon unopposed.

Within the walls of Claypigeon, the gangs of Wren are not as quick to adore and follow Jackson as the Blackguard and common citizens do. They search for ways to dethrone the king. They feel that he has become complacent and that the time has finally come for change.

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