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Sea. 1, Ep. 1: Clarity Experiments

Who is Lain Cochrane?

Lain Cochrane

Lain Cochrane is the brilliant CEO and visionary behind Clarity, Inc. — the company trying to change the world of Skellium forever.

Born on Earth, Lain Cochrane was recruited into theDorchester project at age 15 and was instrumental in recruiting other talented youth for the expedition. Assigned to House Parakeet along with the rest of the expedition’s scientific officers, Dr. Cochrane was kept in cryogenic stasis for the duration of the Dorchester mission. He awoke after the Landing on Skellium, when he was found and pulled from the wreckage of his stasis pod. Soon after, Dr. Cochrane assumed command of Parakeet’s surviving membership on the surface of Skellium.

During the early years of the colony, Cochrane’s followers found themselves forced to support the secession of the House of Wren and its leader, the gangster Roman Jackson. In return, the wayward scientists were given shelter and protection within the borders of Claypigeon.

From this darkness, however, Parakeet’s light would be rekindled. Realigning under the name Clarity, Inc., Cochrane’s faction emerged from under Jackson’s thumb and established themselves as the premier developer of lucrative cutting-edge technologies within Macedon colony. Between the building of Sunreach Tower, the acquisition of the Solerium energy firm, and the development of breakthrough technologies such as eco-steel, Cochrane has accomplished a great deal as Clarity’s senior director — but many say the company’s crowning achievements are still to come.

“Every individual we hire is given a singular goal: make the world better.”


Lain CochraneLain Cochrane is something of a paradoxical figure: half starry-eyed dreamer, half harsh pragmatist. His bold and ambitious vision of a better life for humanity has led to Clarity’s many revolutionary breakthroughs in energy, medicine, and even military enhancement technology, but complimenting those far-reaching ideals is a shrewd and cutthroat business mind that knows how to buy, bully and steal his way to market supremacy. Lain may see the world as he wishes it to be — but this does not blind him to the world as it is. He knows that for any great dream to be achieved, there must be sacrifices made along the way.

Director Cochrane is also a man obsessively concerned with his company’s public image and reputation. In order to achieve his aspirations, he knows he must put on a carefully crafted public face — and he takes great care to keep many of Clarity’s less savory practices off the books, lest it tarnish the company’s place in the colony’s eye.

Rivals and Allies

Gerry RemerClarity’s position at the top of the market is always precarious, and Cochrane’s own place within the company he has built is no less so. In the old Parakeet days, Cochrane was forced to seize control of the group from his friend and colleague, Gerry Remer — a slight Dr. Remer has never truly forgotten. There have been other rivals, as well — other scientists and would-be leaders over the years who did not share Cochrane’s grand dream for making the colony better. If Director Cochrane loses any sleep over these spurned rivals, he does not admit it.

Cochrane is not without his rivals on Clarity’s business side, either. One former adversary, Alana Gold, manipulated Clarity, Inc. into acquiring her own company Solerium Enterprises — a deal that has worked out to the advantage of both groups. Ms. Gold was able to parlay the acquisition into a place for herself on Clarity’s board of directors, where she now works closely with Cochrane in all of his major dealings. Should some tragic accident ever befall the Director, Ms. Gold now stands as the heir apparent to swoop in and take his place.

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