Joseph Tromburg

Prime Episodic Appearance:

Sea. 1, Ep. 1: Council Authority

Who is Joseph Tromburg?

Joseph Tromburg

Joseph Tromburg is the first and only president of Macedon’s Central Council. Joseph was originally selected by the Dorchester Colonizer Mission Control to be the leader of the settlement while still on Earth. The theory was that the process of selecting a leader for the construction of the site would become a distraction and should be avoided at all costs. He was introduced as leader to the colonists destined for stasis hibernation a few weeks ahead of time, then he went to sleep with his people. Joseph Tromburg is a politician and also a tragic figure of Macedon. The decision to disband the houses after landing was again determined on Earth, and if Joseph had correctly read and understood his people, he would have repealed that decree. The people of Macedon identified themselves by their Houses — it was all they knew. It became closer to their national identity than a residence. The Disbandment was never forgotten or forgiven. As time passed, he found himself in regular conflicts with the people and Houses. Yet, he continually found himself being re-elected as President by those same people. Perhaps it was because people liked him. Perhaps it was because they didn’t want Roman Jackson to get elected. One way or another, every two years, the people of Macedon voted for Joseph Tromburg, president of the Council.


Joseph TromburgJoseph Tromburg believes in fairness, compassion for the meek, and good-hearted handshakes. He unfortunately believes in people too much. As time passed, the people that he has cared for have generally taken advantage of his kindness. Drawing near the end of his political career, Joe constantly strives to find the one move that will ensure his legacy as president.

Rivals and Allies

Lain Cochrane

In Joseph’s mind, he has no enemies, only other players in the game. As a lifelong politician, he recognizes that it is the mental struggle, one in which fists cannot be used, that ultimately decides the winner. Therefore Joseph has taken to the battlefield using his charisma to overpower his political rivals. Outside of the Council’s authority lay two major rivals that Joe has not defeated: Roman Jackson and Lain Cochrane. Both are the masters of their respective Houses, and both understand that the Council and Colony need the Houses more than the Houses need the Colony. With no true leverage, Joseph is regularly stonewalled by Jackson and Cochrane in most situations. Through his years, he has only really had one true friend, Shaun Mason. After coercing Mason onto the Council all of those years ago, Shaun came to understand Joseph. He tends to protect his old friend when others would try to walk over his kindness.

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