Prime Episodic Appearance:

Sea. 1, Ep. 1: Council Authority

Who is Ben Gentry?

Ben Gentry

Gentry leveraged his charisma, passion, and good looks to gain the support of his constituents and forced an actual representative from Docksdown onto the Council following the Pierce Rebellion. Gentry has not let his people down. He tirelessly pursues equality and change for Docksdown while instilling his visions of Macedon in the Council. Though seen as charming, select few know Gentry as the most cunning and dangerous person in the political landscape.

With both President Tromburg and Captain Mason aging, Gentry is a clear pick for the presidency as he represents the youth and future of the Council. His political network stretches far beyond that what is known, and he has become friendly with the Houses of Macedon, trying to bridge the chasms that the current president has created over the years.


Ben GentryBen Gentry is an idealist. He believes in the best for the Colony, but his approach differs from Joseph’s gentlemanly approach. To Gentry, any means of force, coercion, or violence is permissible if it gets the job done. This is his vision of Macedon.

He genuinely cares about the Colony, but he understands that the divisions among the community are bad for it as well as the Lark’s exile. While he follows the president, he is uncertain about the president’s desire for colonial unity and community solidarity. How that is achieved, he keeps that part of the plan to himself.

Rivals and Allies

Taren Blaine

Ben Gentry is a true politician. He works every back alley in order to learn everything about everyone and tries to play the right hand for his own advantage. Gentry prefers to keep his own hands clean at all times, stealthily using scapegoats and fall guys when needed. His lists of friends and foes change with the phases of the moon.

In spite of keeping his distance from most, Gentry does have one close person to his heart: Caster Clarke. He adopted the young man as a child and raised him in his own ways. Caster has become a trusted member of Gentry’s spy network and serves as his eyes and ears in Claypigeon where he observes Gentry’s new interest, Taren Blaine.

Ben sees Taren as a potential queen for his chess-like plans. If he were able to encourage Taren into leadership and steal her from the negative influences of Claypigeon, she could be the perfect person to lead Macedon into a bright and unified future, one where everyone looks to Taren for guidance with a curtain over his doings.

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Today, we would like to introduce a new video series to compliment our ‘Playtesting series’ called: ‘Deck Tech’. In this series, we will be taking an in-depth look at different decks that appeared during our playtesting. The first installment is a control deck designed by one of our playtesters, titled “Ben Gentry Control”.

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Designing the Central Council

Greed or prosperity, freedom or control, are all subject to the whims and caprices of the five Council members, or Consuls.

Our goal in designing the Council deck was to make sure both of these perspectives show through on the cards — so that you, the player, could decide exactly how insidious or idealistic your government ought to be.

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Choosing Your Persona – Theme Week: Council

Hey guys! Welcome back to Choosing Your Persona. This is the Council Theme Week version of a new Choosing trilogy In this article series, we are taking a random opening hand and talking about how the game would start using each Prime of the House as your Persona.

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The Attendant

Sonya Witherspoon poked her head into the moderately-sized room, expecting the office of a member of the Macedon Central Council to be some grandiose spectacle of opulence. She was only half disappointed. Ben Gentry sat behind the expensive wooden desk in his elaborate-yet-understated office.

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Playtesting Session — Game 2

This is the second game from our Monday night playtest session. In this game, Jake played as Roman Jackson (Wren) and I played as Ben Gentry (Council).

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