Prime Episodic Appearance:

Sea. 1, Ep. 1: Clarity Experiments

Who is Alana Gold?

Alana Gold

Alana Gold is a shrewd and calculating businesswoman within Clarity Inc. who takes advantage of opportunities that present themselves — more often to benefit her than to further the colony.

Shipborn, Alana’s teenage years were spent on Skellium and she was one of the few children to witness and understand the repercussions of the colonization on the new planet, as well as the founding of Macedon. This was a new world ripe with opportunity. Growing industries and markets permitted Alana to move with ease between the Houses and districts, building relationships and furthering partnerships that would last a lifetime. She has an invisible hand in all the industries and an insider’s eye on every market from the heights of Greenspire to the pageantry of the Promenade to the depths of Grime Alley.

“Success can’t be weighed and measured, only savored.”


Alana GoldAn opportunist at heart, Alana Gold demands greatness from both herself and others. Though prestigiously known at the top of the food chain in several businesses, she can often be seen speaking to the lower grunt workers, ensuring business runs smoothly from the lowest to the highest of offices. Shrewd and clever, Alana understands greatness is borne upon the backs of the working class and strives to make their needs a priority, winning over the workers with her diligence and dedication to ensuring a clean and safe working conditions. Accidents can happen even at Clarity Inc., but only due to negligence.

Rivals and Allies

Dalia MeirImpressed with her work and drawn to talented minds, Lain Cochrane negotiated the purchase of Solerium Enterprises, a leading company that designed the eco-friendly solar panels which Alana pioneered. Though Clarity’s CEO believes Alana works for him, the terms of such a beneficial acquisition allow Alana to work side by side with Cochrane on the Clarity Board of Directors. She will often check in, exploring different departments to ensure all aspects of Clarity Inc. are running smoothly. Positions of such power are always highly coveted and precarious. Both Alana and Lain are aware of this as they often butt heads over political and business positions within Clarity Inc.

Early in Alana’s career, she took over and merged several smaller companies to form Solerium Enterprises. Dalia Meir, a former CEO of Solar Refurbishing Inc. merged and helped build Solerium Enterprises to its glory side by side with Alana prior to Clarity’s purchase. Despite some disagreements and ferocious board meetings, Dalia acquiesced to be Alana’s executive assistant. Since then, they have grown thick as thieves. Knowing Alana’s soft spot for the working class, Dalia handles all of Alana’s more nefarious dealings—whether signed in ink or blood, the job gets done. In turn, Alana pays Dalia a hefty salary and babysits her son every other Tuesday.

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