Primes are the story-driving characters of our setting. They possess that spark of greatness within them that sets them apart from the normal people in the world. They have the courage, the intelligence, the strength or the tenacity to take the chances which are presented to them and overcome those obstacles. Whether they are considered the good guys or bad guys, they are the Primary Characters of our saga.

In Age of Primes, you will select a Prime and adopt that character as your Persona. In essence, you become that character and dive deep into the story that surrounds them. Your objective is to establish your House as the most powerful force in Macedon and firmly place yourself as the head of the House!

By selecting a Prime as your Persona, you also adopt the greatness and flaws of that character and the House in which that Prime belongs. This section will introduce you to the Houses and their Primes. Select a House or one of its Primes to learn more.

Choose your Persona. Pick your side. The Age of Primes has begun!

House of Wren IconHouse of Wren

Serving as it’s primary construction force, House of Wren has cemented itself as the muscle of Macedon. Wren consists of working class people who have been oppressed by both the Macedon Central Council and the Blackguard (Roman Jackson’s personal military) for over 15 years. The house has since splintered into many different gang factions who have spent their lives battling each other for control over the ghetto district known as Claypigeon.

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Taren Blaine – The Firstborn

Taren Blaine
Taren Blaine

Taren Blaine was the very first human child born on Skellium, literally minutes after landing. While this might seem to be of little consequence in the grand scheme of things, the colonists believe, somewhat superstitiously, that she is destined for greatness, treating her almost as a type of mascot or idol for the colony. While she isn’t awarded any particular power or standing, she tends to garner the favor of the colony whenever she is considered.

A rebel to the bone, following in her father’s footsteps, Taren shuns the spotlight and preferential treatment of her namesake: The Firstborn. She has gone out of her way to grow up like most children, refusing invitations to grand social functions, staying away from the affluent and influential, preferring instead to wallow in the dregs of society, where she is less doted on. Because of her rebellious nature, the children of Macedon flock to her as kindred spirit.

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Sylvester McCormick – Prince of Grime Alley

Sylvester McCormick
Sylvester McCormick

Sylvester McCormick, called Sly by anyone who knows him, is the leader of a small gang in northern Claypigeon called the Grime Alley Gang. McCormick has a quick wit and a sharp mind. While he is well versed with a blade and rifle, he prefers psychological warfare; he wants to overcome his opponents’ minds more than their bodies. Though a former Blackguard soldier, Sly is nothing less than a rebel. He carves his own path with his signature katana, and refuses to have his will broken by other gang leaders, even the revered Roman Jackson.

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Roman Jackson – Wren Kingpin

Roman Jackson
Roman Jackson

Roman Jackson is a monster of a man and leader of the Blackguard. He is fearfully respected and highly regarded as the very face of House Wren. A former war general back on Earth, Jackson has trained his Blackguard to be one of the most powerful and feared groups in Macedon.

Jackson dominates his gang through fear and respect. His commands are executed without question as his demeanor fluxuates between anger and charm rapidly without notice – those around him are in constant fear of his explosive and violent temper.

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Council Authority IconMacedon Central Council

Every society needs leadership, and the House of Finch was designed to govern the Dorchester’s colonists. Not long after landing, when the houses were initially disbanded to focus leadership and remove factionism, the name was changed to something more fitting a group of politicians, the Macedon Central Council.

While still governing the laws of Macedon, the Council stands as an entity the way the other houses do. They don’t rule absolutely, but their persuasion is far-reaching.

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Joseph Tromburg – President of the Council

Jospeh Tromburg
Jospeh Tromburg

It is hard to imagine being elected to be president of a group of people who weren’t born, and a civilization that didn’t exist yet, but that is exactly the role Joseph Tromburg was designated to fill in his journey to a distant planet. While most consider him out of touch, both from not being a shipborn citizen and from being of an older and more privileged generation, he is still beloved by the people he resides over.

His spirit and skill for public speaking have won him many allies, elections and favors. While a dedicated blue-blood, he does feel that he can relate to the common man. He knows that one-on-one, or speaking to a crowd of thousands, he can spur greatness and inspire confidence.

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Ben Gentry – Speaker for the Council

Ben Gentry
Ben Gentry

A relative newcomer to the Council, Gentry serves as Consul of Docksdown. Ben is a hard-working ‘champion of the people’ type of politician who earns respect through charm and determination. Unlike his constituents back in Docksdown, Gentry prefers to rub elbows with the elite in order to learn from them and continue to grow his influence. There is no mistake in his intentions as both Mason and Tromburg are drawing near to the end of their political careers. Mr. Gentry has lofty ambitions and an eye of the big chair in the center of the Council Chamber.

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Shaun Mason – Keeper of the Peace

Shaun Mason
Shaun Mason

‘The Captain’, Shaun Mason was the final captain of the Dorchester. Mason bravely navigated to and landed the ship on Skellium where humanity could continue on. Rather than enter retirement after his duty concluded, Mason has become the strength of the Council. Though an aging man, his reputation as a rough and tough commander has forced many potentially violent situations to turn into peaceful solutions, earning him the nickname, Keeper of the Peace.

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Clarity Experiments IconClarity, Inc.

Clarity Inc. is a house based on scientific discovery and academic superiority. First, and foremost, Clarity is a business. Just like any other corporation, Clarity is interested in generating a profit, however, they are very vested in the growth and development of the community.

Through technological breakthroughs over the last 12 years, Clarity has grown into favor through the colony. Whether it is the solar power grid that energizes your home, the eco-steel weapon you own that fends off an enemy attack, or even an eco-graft prosthesis that allows you to walk, Clarity has tendrils that reach deep into the colony.

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Lain Cochrane – CEO of Clarity, Inc.

Lain Cochrane
Lain Cochrane

A Scotland-born man who claims to have more doctorates than walls to hang them on, Cochrane was a child prodigy and scientific genius. Lain was selected at the age of 19 to head up the Dorchester project’s recruitment of science personnel, as well as organize a school for gifted children to find the future minds who could progress science for the colony.

Today, Dr. Cochrane heads a board of brilliant minded doctors, scientists and businessmen who leads Clarity’s scientific progress through Macedon and Skellium.

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Selina Vargas – Head Surgeon

Selina Vargas
Selina Vargas

Dr. Selina Vargas serves as the head of medicine and chief surgeon on Clarity Inc.’s Board and medical division. Her dedication to her craft and her strong moral character make her the matronly figure that fills out Clarity’s board of directors from being purely science and scientific research. Her work during the Lark exile saved thousands of lives and cemented her position as the face of medicine through the colony and even into Lark territory.

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Alana Gold – Solerium Mogul

Alana Gold
Alana Gold

The youngest member of Clarity Inc.’s executive Board, Alana Gold negotiated her position as part of Clarity’s acquisition of Solerium Enterprises, a solar energy firm she founded. Though in one sense she is Dr. Cochrane’s right-hand woman at Clarity, it is perhaps more accurate to say the two are rivals for control of the corporation and its many subsidiaries. Never one to let her investments fail, Alana insists on keeping a weather eye on all of Clarity’s holdings, ever vigilant against potential pitfalls that could hurt the company’s bottom line.

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