Playtest Age of Primes

Ben Gentry
AoP Evangelist

Do you have an interest in card game design and love what we have going with Age of Primes? We are currently looking for a few of people to join our design team as Volunteer Playtesters.

Our Playtesters would have the experience of being on the inside of our game design process as well as what our team is developing. Your feedback would be invaluable to our team in both balancing and further developing the game as our seasons and episodes continue to progress.

Potential Playtesters will need to be able to understand and adopt the following values:

  • Have a strong desire to participate in a “collaborative team environment”.
  • Must strongly believe in “constant self-improvement”.
  • Have a passion for and experience playing/designing card games.
  • Have a vested interest in teaching new players.
  • Have a strong desire to evangelize and promote the game.
  • Experience with recording devices (camera, phone, online recording programs, etc.).
  • Skills in communication and documentation.
  • Experience in undertanding a competitive metagame.

Playtesters must also have the following time availability:

  • Playtesting: 2-3 hours a day, 1-2 days a week (online and/or offline testing)
  • Design Meetings: 2 Hours a week.
  • Available to respond to emails during the week.
  • Lead a small offline playtest group.

If you are interested and have the ability to consistently dedicate the time, please feel free to contact me at and tell me why you would be a good fit for our team.

This does have the opportunity to lead into a permanent designer position for qualified candidates.

Age of Primes