Episode I: Firstborn

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Clarity Experiments Theme Deck

Within the sky-scraping Sunreach Tower, Clarity, Inc. has gathered the most brilliant scientists, surgeons, businesspeople and entrepreneurs together with a single goal: Make humanity better — while profiting from it. Will you follow Lain Cochrane, CEO of Clarity, Inc., as he cashes in on the progress his company has made for the people of Macedon? […]

Subject Zero

Before she could catch her breath, another impact sent glass flying across the lab.

All three researchers screamed.

“What have we done?” Selina asked into the ether, all three onlookers stunned in disbelief.

“Something miraculous.” Remer answered. “Something groundbreaking.”

Card Stories: Highcourt Justice

Those found guilty face the justice of the Highcourt.

The artwork in the Council Authority theme deck does a great job of capturing the labyrinthine bureaucracy of the Council and the characters that serve it. But sometimes, there’s more to these cards than meets the eye — little stories hidden away in the artwork, where the same characters keep popping up.

Today we’ll take a look at one of these little vignettes: a tale of Highcourt Justice.

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