Council IconGreat civilizations require great leadership. That is the purpose of the Macedon Central Council, formerly House Finch prior to the Dorchester landing upon Skellium. While the House of Wren and Clarity Inc. believe they govern themselves, they would be aimless and chaotic without the Council’s guidance and structure. The Council comprises all of the city’s workers and government officials, including Macedon’s Central Bank. From the President to the city treasurer, from food production down to sanitation, the Council has a far reach and a driving purpose: structure for the human colonists. Sometimes that structure guides its citizens easily, but it can often require a firm hand.

The Council’s hub, Highcourt, is without a doubt the most varied and influential area in all of Macedon. All business is routed through the bustling capital at some point, and the wide variety of duties the Council oversees makes Highcourt the thrumming heart and brain of the city despite being atop it’s man-made aerie.

The Council

FilibusterIn the early years of the HSS Dorchester’s journey through space, the Houses were assigned different areas and duties around the ship, giving each one access to power, food, and water. To this day, those Houses still exist in their general form as separate parts of the city-state, each with its own laws. To govern those regions, a head of each House was appointed to a ruling council. After some trying times, President Tromburg learned that having such different people in the council room led to more bickering than problem solving. He abolished the factional democratic system along with the House structure and created a new Macedon Central Council, one that was first appointed by the President himself. The Council was then voted for by the people in subsequent elections. The purpose here was that politicians would be representatives rather than war heroes and scientists.

To his credit, aside from the complications with House Lark that led to their exile, the restructuring has worked very well for Macedon. While he always has critics, Tromburg’s politics have been overwhelmingly accepted by the majority. He has won every presidential election, and his endorsement has gotten over 80% of politicians elected onto the Council. With his ailing health, many wonder if a successor could ever fill the substantial shoes he would leave behind.

Investigations Office


Calvin Eads was always a man of many talents, a jack-of-all-trades. Most notably, his talent for problem solving, seeing things the way no one else could made him an asset. As an acquaintance of President Tromburg, he was tasked with filling multiple roles that the new colony’s government needed. With no official law enforcement and many areas of public service not yet formed, it fell on Presidential aides and for-hire men like Eads to get most of the odd jobs done for the colony.

After many years as a consultant/contractor, Eads was officially hired by Tromburg in a more substantial role: to become his eyes and ears in the colony with the unique title of Macedonian Marshall. After years of finagling his way around the law, Tromburg was pressured to let the man go, or create a chapter of the Council that handled various investigations in an official capacity. He chose the latter, and now Eads is Investigations Officer of Macedon, overseeing a host of agents. Eads’ overall job hasn’t changed, but his responsibilities and the management of them has become more structured. The office has an obligation to be a neutral party among the colony, investigating the surrounding houses, conspiracies, organizations, other law enforcement agencies, and even the Council itself. They answer only to the president, and in extreme cases, only to themselves.

Wraiths of the Underbelly

Spy NetworkIf asked about an organized spy network, most Macedonians would write it off as myth or exaggeration. After all, a sewer-city beneath Highcourt full of rogues, spies and thieves? It sounds too fantastic. Those in the know, however, fear and respect this group. The Wraiths’ goal is to infiltrate the high society of Macedon to extract money, influence and information. They accomplish this through great levels of deception, even going so far as to impersonate high-ranking officials through vocal transmogrification, handwriting mimicry, and in extreme cases, prosthetic likeness of said officials. Some even say that there are secret tunnels and hiding spots where information is meant to be tucked away within their vast network. These places could be in typical gathering places, such as the Promenade, government buildings, or high aeries and tunnels so narrow only the gleekos can find a way through. Often times, great acrobatics is required to gain access to the juiciest treasures and pieces of intrigue. Not much is known about the individuals that make up this group, only that they can be anywhere, and potentially, anyone.

Major Heroes of the Council

Felix Munson, Consul

Felix MunsonRaised as something of a black sheep, Felix Munson’s parents were blamed for the Dorchester’s unintentional course to Skellium, and its eventual crash landing. After suffering for years at the hands of public opinion, Felix Munson was determined to change his fate and make a new name for himself. He started off as a simple assistant to an up-and-coming Advocate, Julia Spence, and worked his way to overseer of Water Distribution. After a few political maneuverings, he stole the seat of Treasurer for a number of years. Still, his goal wasn’t close to being achieved. His long-term desire is to usurp President Tromburg and attempt to fully unite the city again, quelling hostility and factionalism. Munson’s goal is nearing completion with his newly-gained Consul position, and the President’s failing health means that the top seat may be vacant soon…

Julia Spence, Chief Justice

Julia SpenceSpence has had a long and successful legal career from the earliest years of Macedon’s founding. She quickly became an influential Advocate in public defense after years of studying law aboard the Dorchester.  When Tromburg appointed new Justices to convict criminals and carry out sentencing during his first elected term, Spence was at the top of his list. Anyone who knew her during her Advocating years remembers her as a warm and brilliant law-worker with a soft spot for the underdog. People who enter her chamber today would balk at such a description. Now known for her bitter demeanor and harsh sentencing, she seeks to please her constituency by reigning in the savage gangs of Wren, halting the bizarre and immoral experiments of Clarity Inc., and burying the high-class thieves of Highcourt.

Aisha Campbell, Advocate

Aisha CampbellAdvocate Aisha Campbell has worked hard to become a representation of the law that she can get behind: caring, compassionate and forgiving. She fights hard to defend her clients from the harsh and often unfair justice system that the Macedon Central Council has erected. While she could make more money defending the city’s wealthy clients and giving legal counsel to organizations like Clarity Inc. and Jackson Construction, she often seeks out underprivileged offenders. Rather than throw her clients into Macedon’s prison facility, Aisha seeks rehabilitation and redemption for those that are still able to be functioning citizens. Growing up in an underprivileged household herself, Aisha strives to ensure all those thrown under the gaze of the Justices’ gain a fair trial and chance to stay out of the unforgiving fortress of Bastion Heights Prison.

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