Clarity IconClarity Inc. is more than just a company, but rather a way of life–a little bubble of Macedon filled with intellectual pursuits and lofty ideals. While at its heart, Clarity is a for-profit business, the house has lifted the entire city through its capitalistic model. Through targeted donations, scholarships, and social programs, Clarity has used its profits to swell the Macedon economy and make the standards of living higher across the board. This goodwill has mostly overshadowed the morally questionable advancement of Clarity’s research.

Though accidents and casualties have been rare, at least in the public eye, the murmur of strange mutilations, demented experiments and lab-created monsters has been the hushed undertone of the company for many years. The recent appearance of human-looking plant creatures has brought a great deal of scrutiny towards Clarity Inc., and could hurt the company’s growing profits.

Moment of BrillianceThe Board of Directors

Shortly after Lain Cochrane established Clarity Enterprises, he had the realization that he was creating something big–gigantic, even. If his goals were met, the Council would be the only organization as influential as his. Lain came to the conclusion that incorporating his company was the only way to ensure its legacy. He divided 60% of the company among his contemporaries, 20% each to the head of the major sciences: Botany, Medicine, and Biology. Ethan Lonsworth, Selina Vargas and Gerry Remer, respectively, were the original board members. After Remer was deemed to be a poor fit on the board, Kyle Milligan took his place as head of biology, and was allotted the board seat.

Team Briar

Steady ProgressHaving received their name from “diving headlong into the briar patch,” Team Briar is always at the forefront of new technology on Skellium. When Ethan Lonsworth started the task of identifying the millions of different bizarre and native plant species on Skellium, he found he needed help. Not only did he need help from brilliant botanists, he needed top minds in medicine, biology, construction, chemistry and electronics, in order to quickly find suitable plants to meet the colony’s needs. Innoculations to spreading illnesses, how to classify new plant life, finding suitable replacements to common materials like gunpowder, plastic, metal and rubber: these were some of the tasks Team Briar took on. The founding members are responsible for many of the discoveries that the new planet had to offer. When child prodigy Colene Latt joined the team, their creation of new and interesting products had no limits. Plasteen, Ecosteel, Ecografts, Gravity-glue, and Super-seeds are only a few of the miraculous and widely-used materials put forth by Team Briar, and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Solerium Enterprises

Solar FlareWhen Alana Gold started making a name for herself in the private sector, Lain Cochrane took notice. When her third company, Solerium Enterprises ate up all of its competitors aside from Clarity Inc., Cochrane was determined; that kind of business savvy was what he needed. While Clarity Inc. was the first large for-profit conglomerate in the city, they weren’t the most successful, not in all areas. The profits of medicine and inventions like Ecosteel were propping up losses in other areas, such as education and solar power research. When the board of Clarity Inc. saw Alana Gold turn three separate middling solar technology companies into one profitable household name, they started throwing offers her way to buy the company out and have Gold work for them. However, the CEO held fast, and continued growing her fledgling company.

After years of research and spent profits, Gold was hitting a brick wall: newer and better products were needed to compete with her previous lines.  Her company owed more than it could make in a year, and she was trying hard to keep that secret until a new offer, or a breakthrough could keep them afloat. Two days before Solerium Enterprises would close its doors, a final offer from Clarity Inc. came in. Not only did it cover her debt, but she was being offered an honorary seat as an advisor to the Clarity Board of Directors. After a brief negotiation, Alana Gold accepted the offer and now oversees large portions of Clarity Inc. Her business sense has made her invaluable with the board, while renewed funding has helped Solerium Enterprises create bigger, better, and more efficient products than ever.

Major Heroes of Clarity, Inc.

Khaleid Al-Far

Khaleid al-FarKhaleid Al-Far was born from a military legacy, son of two high-commanders among House Canary. Khaleid was sculpted for a life in the Canary’s new regime, the Journeymen Order. At age 18, he joined the Order and fulfilled his familial duties and destiny. However, the stagnancy of the militaristic house left a sour taste in the young man’s mouth. After over five years trying to climb the Journeymen ladder, he found that he was simply waiting for his predecessors to die or retire, and no matter how exemplary his performance, how good his ideas, nothing could change unless he replaced his superiors. They were too entrenched in the Order, and too comfortable with their tried and true practices.

When Khaleid was honorably discharged from the Order, then, unsure where to go next, Lain Cochrane was there to intercept him. Clarity Inc. offered the disenfranchised serviceman something he was desperately craving: control. He had the freedom to structure all of Clarity Inc.’s security force to his liking, enforcing the best practices rather than the ones traditionally established. Al-Far was even offered genetic improvements, making his body and mind better, sharper, and stronger. Clarity Inc.’s investment has paid off, and the security of their compound has been unparalleled among the colony thus far.

Dalia Meir

Dalia MeirThe daughter of a lowborn father, and a mother who abandoned her, Dalia Meir has fought for every moment of freedom, every achievement, every scrap of something she could call her own. She possesses the ferocity of a Lilac Dandy in her dealings, and found a way to the top early in her career, whether she had to negotiate in the open, or slit a throat or two behind closed doors.

When Alana Gold stepped in to negotiate the purchase of Solar Refurbishing Inc., the company Dalia built from the ground up, Dalia was surprised the merger turned into a mutually beneficial relationship. The two women became close friends. They helped build Solerium Enterprises to its glory side by side. Though not on the Board of Directors, Dalia negotiates on behalf of Alana, having a hand in decisions that would affect all.  Knowing Alana’s soft spot for the working class, Dalia handles all of Alana’s more nefarious dealings—whether signed in ink or blood, the job gets done. Well spoken and sophisticated, Dalia often attends the Council’s many gala’s, though she also is able and willing to rub elbows with the lower criminals of Macedon. She is a woman of many talents, striving to have a better life for her son than she ever did growing up.

Gerry Remer

Gerry RemerGerry Remer became the head of House Parakeet on the Dorchester voyage. When Lain Cochrane’s stasis cell was found to be damaged, they took great time and care in reviving the prestigious scientist, giving Remer a longer run as head of house, as well as a seat on the original council during the colony’s formation. When Cochrane was successfully revived, the once-prominent biologist was demoted to just another researcher. After years of being in the shadow of the brilliant Doctor Cochrane, and quickly becoming obsolete in biological breakthroughs by his own prodigal student Kyle Milligan, Remer became a bitter and desperate man. His legacy greatly diminished, and his life nearing its end, all of his focus became directed toward one goal: extending his own life, and becoming renown for his work. Ol’ Gerry is on the verge of a breakthrough, but what will it cost?

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