Houses, or Factions, are groups of like minded people who rally together. Whether it is the banner of the city, a common cause, the call of a neighborhood, or even just to follow the lead of a powerful commander, the Houses provide structure for the fledgling colony.

Originally, Houses were divisions of people within the Dorchester, created to give a sense of order among the groups of people on the ship. Not long after the landing, the city became fragmented and divided. Many of the Houses each have become independent of each other and broke away from the colony government. Because they didn’t leave the safety of the walls, close proximity to each other has built years of tension and pressure.

House of Wren

Gates of Claypigeon
Enter Claypigeon!

In the shadowy underworld of Claypigeon, the Wren criminal empire sprawls like a vast spiderweb of street gangs, would-be warlords and clandestine organizations. Prizing honor and glory above all else, the rogues and brawlers of the House of Wren compete against one another to rule Claypigeon’s neighborhoods. At the top, Roman Jackson — the Blackguard Kingpin — lords over all as the undisputed master of Wren.

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Wren Primes

Taren Blaine

Sylvester McCormick

Roman Jackson

Macedon Central Council

Gates of Highcourt
Enter Highcourt!

From their lofty citadel, the Highcourt, the Macedon Central Council hands down laws and dispenses indiscriminate justice. A byzantine maze of political intrigue and sprawling bureaucracy, the Council government decides the fate of all who live within its jurisdiction. Yet even among the ruling Council itself, veteran operatives and new players vie for control of humanity’s future.

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Council Primes

Joseph Tromburg

Ben Gentry

Shaun Mason

Clarity, Inc.

Gates of Greenspire
Enter Greenspire!

A massive conglomerate of corporate executives, scientists and visionaries, Clarity, Inc. represents the greatest concentration of progressive genius in all of Macedon City. Based within the massive Sunreach Tower, located in Greenspire, Clarity literally reaches for the heavens in its efforts to advance the human race and make the world better. Yet Clarity also has a dark side — a string of undocumented experiments with truly sinister ramifications.

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Clarity Primes

Lain Cochrane

Selina Vargas

Alana Gold