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Primary Publishing to Launch a Kickstarter Campaign for its Episodic Card Game Dateline – Cleveland, Ohio, October 17, 2018 – Primary Publishing is excited to announce the release of its first game, Age of Primes. The Episodic Card Game is scheduled to have its Kickstarter campaign launch in September to raise funds for its first […]

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Meet and Greet Livestream

Hey guys! Jake and I will be hosting a Meet & Greet broadcast on Twitch this Monday. Mark your calendar to spend an hour with our game designers as we introduce ourselves and the game to anyone who is interested in learning more about the game and team. All questions are welcome! What: Age of […]

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Dev Notes: Unique, Glory and Banish Updates

Coming into 2018, we want to get started with updating you on several changes and tweaks that were made which we believe will make the game jump out of the box in the best situation possible for player enjoyment.

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Age of Primes Print and Play

We continue to make progress with the development of Age of Primes. We have finished up and made available a Print and Play version of Episode 1: Firstborn.

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Recent Design Articles

Deckbuilding 104: The Moment of Brilliance

This week, we will be talking about Clarity… Finally! I can’t tell you how long I have waited quietly to talk about Clarity cards.

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Designing Clarity, Inc.

Last week, we talked about the bureaucratic and authoritarian Central Council. This week, let’s take a look at the enigmatic technology firm known as Clarity, Inc.

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Clarity Experiments Theme Deck

Within the sky-scraping Sunreach Tower, Clarity, Inc. has gathered the most brilliant scientists, surgeons, businesspeople and entrepreneurs together with a single goal: Make humanity better — while profiting from it. Will you follow Lain Cochrane, CEO of Clarity, Inc., as he cashes in on the progress his company has made for the people of Macedon? […]

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Deckbuilding 103: Cranky Old Man

Welcome back to another edition of Deckbuilding. In my third installment,  I will be talking about possibly one of the easier to overlook Primes in our game, Captain Shaun Mason. Upon initial inspection, Captain Mason appears to be simply interested in Guards, a type-themed Prime. As the member of the design team who was on […]

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New Stories

Card Stories: Remer’s Assistants

Dr. Remer’s assistants enjoy excellent benefits… if they survive.

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Worldbuilding: Greenspire

Come learn about the area inhabited by the inexorable Clarity Inc. and its affiliates!

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Subject Zero

Before she could catch her breath, another impact sent glass flying across the lab.

All three researchers screamed.

“What have we done?” Selina asked into the ether, all three onlookers stunned in disbelief.

“Something miraculous.” Remer answered. “Something groundbreaking.”

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Card Stories: Highcourt Justice

Those found guilty face the justice of the Highcourt.

The artwork in the Council Authority theme deck does a great job of capturing the labyrinthine bureaucracy of the Council and the characters that serve it. But sometimes, there’s more to these cards than meets the eye — little stories hidden away in the artwork, where the same characters keep popping up.

Today we’ll take a look at one of these little vignettes: a tale of Highcourt Justice.

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Latest Artwork

Roman Jackson, Wren Kingpin

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Deck Tech – Clarity Splice Girls

Here’s a new video deck tech for the Splice Girls constructed deck. Come check it out!

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Deck Tech – Ben Gentry Control

Today, we would like to introduce a new video series to compliment our ‘Playtesting series’ called: ‘Deck Tech’. In this series, we will be taking an in-depth look at different decks that appeared during our playtesting. The first installment is a control deck designed by one of our playtesters, titled “Ben Gentry Control”.

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Deck Tech – Sly Wren Midrange

Welcome to our Video Deck Tech series, where we help you identify and build upon the underlying strategies and synergies in the game.  Whether you like building from scratch or tweaking existing decks, these videos should help you get into the game running!  Here we are going over a Sylvester McCormick deck.

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Playtesting Session — Game 4

Welcome back to Playtesting Sessions. This is the second of two games between Jake and Greg. In this game, Jake is playing as President Tromburg (Council), and Greg, playing as Taren Blaine (Wren). I really enjoy this video as Greg leads off by almost interviewing Jake about the behind the scenes Age of Primes. Check it […]

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