GOW04 — Ginger Hind

Ginger Hind

⟐Ginger Hind
Blade of the Firstborn | Young Fighter
Wren – Rare – Follower
0 Might

Story Text: Poor children in Claypidgeon once faced a choice between a slow death of starvation or a quick one in the gangs. Taren showed them another way.

TEXT 1: CARDNAME gains 1 [Might] for each Follower and Prime in your party (including this one).
TEXT 2: Glory (Each time this deals damage during your turn, you gain that much [PRE].)

Chris (Author)

Director of Age of Primes Creative Designer and Project Manager means that the ideas start with me, but are presented through the awesomeness of my team. If you have any comments regarding Age of Primes, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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