Midnight Raid
Midnight Raid

Claypigeon is a maze of twisting alleys, darkened streets and secret hideouts. The various gangs of the House of Wren criminal underworld vie with one another for power, territory, and glory. Will you follow Roman Jackson, infamous warlord of the Blackguard, self-styled Kingpin of the House of Wren? Will you join with Sly McCormick, the prince of rogues, as he plots his way to power from his lair in Grime Alley? Or will you stand with the Firstborn, Taren Blaine, and her army of child warriors in Orphan’s Row?

In the Glory of Wren theme deck, the choice is yours. Choose any Prime to be your Persona, recruit Followers to your cause, and lead them to victory over your enemies.

Welcome to the Age of Primes.

Heed the Call to Glory

The House of Wren values strong Champions, and this is demonstrated in the unique Wren keyword mechanic: Glory. Each time a card with Glory deals damage, you gain that much Prestige, bringing you that much closer to victory.

Two Ways to Play

Blackguard Thug
Blackguard Thug

You can play the Glory of Wren deck right out of the box, with no preparation required — just choose a Persona, shuffle up, and go. We recommend battling against players with other theme decks, as the decks are already tuned to be played against one another. The Episode I: Firstborn set includes the Glory of Wren, Council Authority, and Clarity Experiments decks. Even more decks will be released in future episodes — more enemies to test your mettle!

Once you’ve seen what your theme deck can do, you can strip it down and build your own deck from the cards. Decks you construct yourself only need to be 40 cards — you can pick and choose which of the cards from the Glory of Wren deck you want to include. The other theme decks also add more cards to expand your collection, and unlock new avenues for deckbuilding. The choices are endless!

Famous Cards


Theme Deck Contents

Wren Primes (1x per deck):


Wren Rares (1x per deck):



Wren Commons (3x per deck):



Neutral Commons (3x per deck):


Glory of Wren Theme Deck

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