These forums are for the enjoyment of all. They are being developed and hosted by the Age of Primes team who wants to enjoy the game setting with you. Please do your part in ensuring that both the IC (In Character) and OOC (Out of Character) forums are kept in an appropriate attitude and environment.

Appropriate is defined differently depending on the IC and OOC environment. In both cases, it is 100% up to the descression of the Forum Moderators and Administrators as to what is “over the line” behavior”. We understand that not every story ends nice for the good guy or bad guy. However, the basic principle of Age of Primes is that you are here to enjoy the game, story and your time. Anyone causing one or more people to not enjoy thier experience will be granted a warning and then further infractions will result in temporary or permanent bannings from the site.

IC (In Character) environment includes times where you will be playing the role of a character in the game setting. The more active you are in our forums, the higher chances you have of becoming a Prime character. Prime characters are granted access to the private recesses of the House’s forums. There you will have opportunities to interact with the Major Primes such as Taren Blaine, Joeseph Tromburg or Lain Cochrane.

OC (Out of Character) environment includes times when you are not playing your character and want to interact with staff and fans as yourself. There is never a time where you are required to play your character EXCEPT in the IC forums.

Please remember… Always Remember… The Age of Primes team hosts this forum out of respect for the setting and its fans. Fans are here to have fun and interact with each other and the staff. Trolls, bullies, etc. have no place here. The people of Macedon lost their firearms due to corrosion of metal long ago. However, the blue-bolt of the GMs of AoP remains as strong as ever and will be used if required.