Coming into 2018, we want to get started with updates on several changes and tweaks that were made to the game.  We believe that these updates will make the game jump out of the box in the best situation possible for player enjoyment.

Unique Update

First, we decided to remove the Super Type ‘Heroic’ from Follower cards, as we realized that while it was thematically correct, it was pretty much the same thing that Primes do by default… why are we not calling Primes Heroic then…? Instead, we created a small icon that you will find on both card types in which we want to limit the card copies to one at a time, calling it now Unique. All Primes and three Followers per house are now Unique! (See Dalia below for an example. The diamond shaped icon can be seen before her name.)

Banish Update

Dalia Meir
Dalia Meir, Solerium Executive

We had two other issues on our plate that we wanted to tweak prior to printing that we felt needed to be shored up. The first issue was the Clarity Unique Follower, Dalia Meir. We always felt that Dalia was kind of on the weak side, but her ability to block opposing players from gaining experience during my turn was important (…yes, I am looking at you Sly McCormick!). The issue that we didn’t like was that she didn’t do anything beyond that, which made her extremely situational and not well rounded. I mean, she is Unique after all… Once you get to know Dalia’s character, you will see why this was a problem as she has a very strong personality.

For quite sometime now, we had been toying with a mechanic for future episodes that would help against cards that keep jumping out of the trash. We had envisioned this mechanic appearing around Episode 3 or 4. (For a reason that I can’t say just yet…!) However, during that conversation, Jake made a comment that stuck in my mind. “It’s kind of bad that we didn’t think of Banish earlier, I would have loved to use that mechanic on Indefinite Detention instead of putting the card on the bottom of your deck.” We also had an earlier version of Dalia in which she asked you to name a card and she would put all copies of those cards from each players trash on the bottom of their decks.

We decided to revive the older, meaner version of Dalia and retain the prestige blocking ability. However, instead of going to the bottom of your deck, Dalia now Banishes the cards. This opens the doors for Indefinite Detention to also use the mechanic Banish as it really wanted.

Glory Update

Finally, this brings me to our last update: “the Glory update”. The main reason that Dalia received the prestige blocking ability was to prevent prestige of Glory during defensive situations. We realized that allowing Wren to gain the Glory prestige while being attacked a deterrent for people to attack. It was also not thematically our original design intent was for this house. We want them attacking and gaining power and influence by coming into your neighborhood and taking your turf.

Blackguard Thug
Blackguard Thug

Because of this, we have changed the way Glory works. Glory will now only trigger during when the follower is attacking. Here is the official wording:

(Each time this deals damage during your turn, you gain that much [PRE].)

This change also brings Glory inline with similar abilities like Kickback, Raid.These mechanics only trigger during your turn. This update makes Wren play a little more under control. They can’t play a follower with Glory without fear of losing it like the other Houses do. Attacking into someone’s Blackguard Thug to kill it, only to give them 5 prestige doesn’t feel too good.

What do you think of these updates? Like them? Hate them? Let us know in the comments.

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Dev Notes: Unique, Glory and Banish Updates
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