Last week, we talked about the bureaucratic and authoritarian Central Council. This week, let’s take a look at the enigmatic technology firm known as Clarity, Inc.

Clarity occupies a unique place within Macedon: a public business, fueled by scientific advancement, which leverages its cutting edge technology to achieve record profits. Clarity’s breakthrough inventions, most notably in the domains of solar power and curative medicine, help everyone in the colony — but especially Clarity itself.

In designing Clarity, we wanted to make sure that both of these sides were represented: the business side, and the scientific side, and how the two interconnect with one another.

The Virtues of Clarity

Much as we did with Wren and Council, early in Clarity design we worked to establish several guiding themes, or Virtues, which helped us to flesh out the House as we went on. This time, however, things went a little differently for us than they had with the other Houses.

True to Clarity itself, our design path took us through a lot more experimentation with various themes before we settled on the right ones; there were a lot of false starts and iterated designs before we arrived with the cards and Virtues in the final set.

Lain Cochrane: Knowledge is Power

Moment of Brilliance
Moment of Brilliance

Throughout our process, we were sure of one thing: Clarity was the House of dazzling scientific breakthroughs and impossible technologies. That meant it had to value achievement and learning, which brought us to its first Virtue: “knowledge is power”.

In terms of gameplay, this Virtue most often translated into effects which rewarded you for drawing extra cards — the more cards that are in your hand, the more information you have access to, and the more options are available to you on your turn.

This style of deck became very connected to the House’s first Prime: Lain Cochrane, CEO of Clarity, Inc. Lain is characterized by his “grand dream” — bringing brilliant and talented people together so that everyone profits (but especially Lain himself). Lain’s deck wants you to draw lots of cards in a hurry, and rewards you for doing so — even if it means helping your opponents at the same time.

The “knowledge is power” deck is about tapping into everything your scientists have discovered — standing on the shoulders of giants to catapult yourself to victory.

Alana Gold and Selina Vargas: Mad Science

Remer's Serum
Remer’s Serum

Turning a profit isn’t all there is to Clarity, of course. While watching the coffers fill is a fine pastime for the stuffy Central Council, the Clarity folk like to take some risks, break some barriers, and really get their hands dirty. In order to truly test the limits of what humanity can accomplish, sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and conduct some experiments.


Stand back, kids — it’s time to try science!


Clarity’s scientific division  is all about augmentation and metamorphosis. Since the planet Skellium is brimming with plant-life and little else, the researchers have taken to manipulating plant matter to make humans better, faster and stronger than ever before. This dynamic is evident in Clarity’s unique Splice mechanic:

Khaleid Al-Far
Khaleid Al-Far, Subject Zero

With Splice, every time you play cards that modify or affect your own Followers, you get to do all kinds of weird and exciting things as a bonus. The Splice deck is all about finding ways to select your Followers with Actions and abilities in order to trigger their Splice effects: by making them bigger, by granting them special powers, or just by dissecting them to see how they tick. There are a myriad of ways to build the Splice deck — the combinations are endless!

Enter the Future

Clarity’s arsenal of technological breakthroughs give you all you need to revolutionize your game. The diverse set of cards available in the Clarity Experiments theme deck offer many directions for unique and personalized deckbuilding: a multitude of paths to Prestige and victory over your rivals.

Will you rise to new levels of fame and fortune by sharing your advancements? Will you discover new secrets and breakthroughs that no one else could find? Will you subject your Followers to experiments and technologies that change what it means to be human? Only you can decide!

Designing Clarity, Inc.

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