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Hey guys! Welcome back to Choosing Your Persona. This is the Council Theme Week version of a new “Choosing” trilogy. In this article series, we are taking a random opening hand and talking about how the game would start using each Prime of the House as your Persona. This allows us to explore how diverse the game can be relative to the different Primes.

The Opening Hand

Council Hand

What you see above is a setup that I put together on Tabletopia. I removed the three Prime cards from the Council Authority theme deck and shuffled it up. I finally pulled the five card starting hand to be able to discuss what we found.

Here is a gallery of the Primes:

Here is a gallery of the cards drawn:

Getting started, we actually have an “odd” draw for Council as we don’t have multiple Actions. You will see in a second why this is not good for this opening hand, but like last week’s Wren draw, you can also kind of expect to draw into a few Actions this time since we are so full of Followers up front.

The other thing to take note of is that we did end up with three Council cards and two neutral cards which continues the trend in Limited play.

Secret Keeper is a card that I am a “secret” fan of. More often than not, this is a 5 Might Follower that rewards you for pulling a trick on the opponent. It also just feels good to trade this card as a 5 Might for an enemy 5 Might Champion since the card clearly says 2 in the upper right. Its like I am cheating! Speaking of Champion, yikes! Champion of Democracy is a monster pull in Limited, especially with an Overrule in hand. Again, we are going to need Actions help to grow our Champion, but once the Lady is in play, she is very hard to deal with and does a wonderful job of spreading the power of Democracy (…or at least her version of it!). Overrule is pretty straight forward. Its not a game winner, but it will certainly lead to an enemy frown later. I guess by that definition it is a game winner. At minimum, it will strip a card and two points of Prestige. Guild Master is a super card. Obviously, Kickback is pretty good, but having a 4 Might body who can attack with Kickback is really strong. Council Bureaucrat is a sleeper in this hand. I really like her 3 Might in Limited as many times, that is the strongest Might on the table. Additionally, she will balloon your other Council Followers, making them more resilient. Don’t forget that it gains you a point of prestige when you Overrule an Action. Yeah…

Guild Master
Guild Master

Joseph Tromburg

Being totally honest, I don’t have a strong feeling either way with President Tromburg and this hand. He really likes to control the board via prestige control, and none of these cards offer that position. Overrule does the job to an extent, but is not consistent enough to further his cause. He really wants to draw into Press Secretary and Web of Propaganda.

However, (and you may see a pattern here…) a strong play would be to get Guild Master on the table and Kickback into Overrule. I should probably copy this sentence because its such a good play that it most likely goes for each Prime. Let’s find out.


Shaun Mason


Captain Mason really has nothing going for him here. He doesn’t have any guards to hold the board state, removal for pesky bad-asses or even combat tricks to overwhelm an attacker. Since he is so reliant on preventing attacks, this doesn’t bode well for him so…

A strong play would be to get Guild Master on the table and Kickback into Overrule. Assuming that we draw into a fist full of Actions, Champion of Democracy does a ton of work for the Captain. She keeps attacks at bay and swings in to punish the weak.

Let’s just hope that the opponent has a weak hand too… you know, for the Captain’s sake.


Ben Gentry

Secret Keeper
Secret Keeper

So yes, let’s get this out of the way first: A strong play would be to get Guild Master on the table and Kickback into Overrule. But that is not where it ends, as this is a nice set up for Consul Gentry. Secret Keeper really benefits from Gentry’s abilities. He is going to see three cards a turn(-ish) to get to something that is more closely related to his agenda, which is to line the hideout with sufficient secrets and overpower people with them.

Overrule probably doesn’t get flipped unless required, so the Keeper stays as a 5 and the Champion benefits from both played Actions or Hidden cards, so she is just as happy either way.


In Conclusion…

I think that this and the previous article are interesting starting hands as it allows players to see that sometimes you have to work yourself out of a jam. While we don’t have resource flood in our game, there is always going to be a battle between the players and the random distribution of “good stuff.”

This concludes part two of my Theme Week trilogy of Choosing Your Persona. You can expect another installment next week for Clarity. Also, if you like what you are seeing so far, please contact us via Facebook and have Discord and let us know. If you’d like to get in a game, tell us and we will set up a table for you on Tabletopia.

Don’t forget to let me know what you play would be for the Council hand. Place your responses on our Facebook page so we can discuss your game! Also, if you have a topic idea that you would like me to discuss in the future, please feel free to let me know.

Until next time…

Choosing Your Persona – Theme Week: Council

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