CEX24 — Remer’s Serum

Remer's Serum

Remer’s Serum
Clarity – Common – Action

STORY TEXT: “All biology is predicated on our assumption of the natural cycle: life to death, structure to entropy. But what if we could stop the wheel? I’m confident we’re getting close.” — Gerry Remer, lab notes

TEXT: Select a Follower. If it’s a [Clarity] Follower, that Character gains 2 [Might] this turn. Otherwise, it loses 2 [Might] this turn. (A Follower with 0 [Might] or less is defeated.)

Chris (Author)

Director of Age of Primes Creative Designer and Project Manager means that the ideas start with me, but are presented through the awesomeness of my team. If you have any comments regarding Age of Primes, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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