Card Stories: Highcourt Justice

Those found guilty face the justice of the Highcourt.

The artwork in the Council Authority theme deck does a great job of capturing the labyrinthine bureaucracy of the Council and the characters that serve it. But sometimes, there’s more to these cards than meets the eye — little stories hidden away in the artwork, where the same characters keep popping up.

Today we’ll take a look at one of these little vignettes: a tale of Highcourt Justice.


A prisoner is brought forth to the Highcourt one day. We don’t know their crime — perhaps they were a protester caught outside the Consul’s Quarters harassing bureaucrats or perhaps caught snatching purses in the Promenade. Whatever the offense, their path has brought them here: into the court of the Chief Justice, Julia Spence.


The Chief Justice herself has come to hear the case — a stroke of ill fortune for the accused. The Justice is known for strict and merciless punishment for those convicted of crimes against the Council. What fate will she prescribe for today’s defendant?

Julia Spence
Julia Spence, Highcourt Chief Justice

Luckily, the public Advocate, Aisha Campbell is here to plead the case of the accused. Though relatively young and new to her station, Ms. Campbell has already made a name for herself standing up to the Council’s Justices on behalf of the wrongly accused. Her ongoing feud with Chief Justice Spence over the sentencing of Macedon’s lower-class offenders has been bitter and widely publicized. The two women’s distaste for one another is widely known in the Highcourt.

Aisha Campbell
Aisha Campbell, Highcourt Advocate

The accused kneels before the bench, waiting to hear the Justice’s decision. Guards and bailiffs crowd around the accused on all sides, ready in case the suspect tries to run. It is dead silent in the courtroom — no one even breathing as they wait for the verdict…

Harsh Justice
Harsh Justice


The gavel slams down on the lectern as the court breaks out into a chorus of gasps and shocked murmurs. The Justice slams her gavel again and again, proclaiming her sentence over the appeals and objections of the Advocate.

Final Word
Final Word

Our defendant is now condemned to solitary confinement: remanded to the desolate prison of Bastion Heights for the rest of their life. Like so many others who’ve faced the Highcourt’s Justice, their story has now come to an end.

Indefinite Detention
Indefinite Detention
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