Books Overruled!Books are a very good way to tell a deep and vibrant story. Our book titles are written as a collection of sci-fi short stories, that provide different perspectives of the full story. Our plan is to tell the stories that our card game tells, only on a deeper level. Just like our episodic card game, our book material will be based on the same episode as the card game. Our plan is to release a novel trilogy for each episode that will centralize around the primes and the important events going on during that time period.

We are also planning on telling the backstory as well as the current story for Age of Primes. Prequel books will be released between episodes to help hold you over until the episode has been launched. We also plan to release supplement books that provide a deeper looks into certain characters and events in history. If you happen to have an interest in a topic that has not been covered yet, by all means let us know. We are very interested in providing the exciting story that you want to hear.

You can always reach us through social media, please contact us on Twitter or Facebook for a quick response.

Please keep in mind that there will also be stories released on the website that also work with the books and game, so be sure to keep an eye open for all of the latest stories and developing angles for each episode.

Don’t forget to discuss and make predictions on the story on social media. We want you to be fully involved. Who knows, maybe a suggestion from a fan may push our story into a new direction?