Welcome to Age of Primes Rules Primer! In this game, you’ll take on the role of a unique story character, recruit other characters to your cause, and lead them to power and victory over your enemies.


Victory in Age of Primes is measured by Prestige:


Each player starts the game with 0 Prestige. The first player to accumulate 25 Prestige wins the game.

The Prime Directive

Roman Jackson
Roman Jackson, Wren Kingpin

The focal characters in your story are the Primes — heroes, villains, and other influential figures from the Age of Primes story setting. At the start of the game, you’ll pick one Prime from your deck to represent you in the game. This is called your Persona.

Primes are different from other lesser characters. Instead of fighting directly, Primes all have special abilities which can be used on your turn.

The exhaust symbol (icon below) indicates that the Prime must exhaust to use this ability. Generally you can only exhaust your Prime for its abilities once a turn.

Exhaust Icon

Your Prime is your most reliable way to generate Prestige over the course of the game. As a result, your Prime’s abilities will have a strong effect on how the game plays out.

Some Prime abilities require a certain Prestige threshold to be met before they “unlock”.  We call these the “Ultimate Ability”. As long as any player has the listed amount of Prestige (or more), you can use this ability.

Follow the Leader

Glory Seeker
Glory Seeker

Your Prime alone won’t be enough to bring you victory. To protect your Prime and advance your cause, you’ll need to recruit Followers to join you.

Unlike Primes, all of your Followers have a value called Might (icon below). You can find this value in the top right corner of the card.

might icon

A Follower’s Might is both the amount of damage it can dish out and also how much damage it takes to defeat it. If a Follower is damaged (but not defeated), it will “heal” back to full health at the end of the turn.

Followers often have special abilities in their text box. Be sure to read your Follower cards carefully.

Welcome to the Party


When you play a Follower, you recruit it into your party (image above is the Party layout) — your group of characters you’re leading into battle.

Each time you recruit a Follower, you’ll choose whether to place it at the front or rear of your party. The front of the party is designated by the slot called Champion on the the left. The rear is the far slot on the right.

Once a Follower is recruited, it can’t change positions, so make sure you put it in the right place!

You can only ever have five Followers in your party at once. Once your party is full, in order to play more Followers, you’ll have to send one of your existing Followers to the trash. Then, the new Follower will take the old one’s place in the line. This is called “replacing.”

When you recruit a Follower, it will be exhausted. You’ll usually need to wait until the next turn when it’s refreshed to use it.

Dynamic Duel

The Follower at the front of your party is called your Champion and has the job of fighting against enemy Followers and defending your party from attack. This is called “dueling.”

On your turn, you can initiate a duel by exhausting your Champion. You then choose an enemy Champion to duel against. (If one of your enemies has no Followers, you can also choose to duel against that player’s Prime directly.)

Note that if your Champion is already exhausted (because it was just recruited this turn, for instance), it won’t be able to initiate a duel. You can only duel once each turn. If your opponent’s Champion is exhausted, it will duel as normal.

Once you’ve initiated a duel, each of the Followers in the duel deal damage to one another equal to their Might (might icon). If a Follower is dealt damage equal to or greater than its own Might, it’s defeated. (Defeated Characters are put into the Trash pile.)

If you’re dueling against a Prime directly, your Champion deals damage equal to its Might to that Prime. The player controlling that Prime loses that much Prestige prestige (to a minimum of 0), but deals no damage back.

Turn, Turn, Turn

Each turn in Age of Primes has a start, a middle and an end:


At the start of your turn, carry out the following steps in order:

  1. Refresh all of the Followers and Primes in your party if they’re exhausted.
  2. Draw a card from the top of your deck. (If it’s the very first turn of the game, skip this step.)


Once you’ve refreshed your party and drawn a card, you can do any of the following in any order:

  1. You may play a card from your hand (if you haven’t played a card yet this turn).
  2. You may exhaust your Prime to use one of its abilities (if it’s refreshed).
  3. You may initiate a duel (if your Champion is refreshed, and you haven’t dueled yet this turn).


Once you decide that you’re finished with their turn, carry out the following steps in order:

  1. If you have more than seven cards in your hand, choose seven to keep and discard the rest (to your trash).
  2. All damage is healed from all Followers in play.
  3. Your turn is over and the next player’s turn begins.

Going for a Test Drive

Let’s look at what a game of Age of Primes looks like in action.

We have several playtesting videos on our YouTube channel to watch how the game is played in real-time. If you like a video or just want to support us, please click the YouTube button on the video and hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. We will continue to make more game play videos like these.





Now it’s Your Turn

Now that you’ve seen a game of Age of Primes in action, you’re ready to try it out for yourself. Choose your House, choose your Prime, and lead your party to victory!

Age of Primes Rules Primer
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