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Print and Play!

Hi Guys! We continue to make progress with the development of Age of Primes. We have finished up and made available a Print and Play version of Episode 1: Firstborn. The goal here is to simply get the game into your hand so you can test it out and get a feel for how it plays under our game rules.

I have created a page on the website that will provide instructions for how to get set-up with printing the game. All three of the Firstborn theme decks are 9 pages (27 total), printed in color. Printing each page a single time will give you a complete set of Firstborn. Printing the first two pages of each theme deck two more times will give you a complete play set of all of the cards (3x each Rare — necessary for building constructed decks!)

The cards are watermarked with a Print & Play stamp. Sorry about that! It is important to understand that these sets are for temporary use and are not for re-sale.


We would absolutely love it if you would take our game with you to your local game stores and demo the game on our behalf. Contact me if your store is interested in carrying Age of Primes. As a result of your evangelism, we will reward you for any pre-sales that occur due to your effort and persistence!

Print and Play — Playtest Contest

We would love to get your feedback regarding the game! In fact, we want to reward you for recording and sharing your game play sessions. Upload your videos to YouTube and send me a link. Of the submitted links, I’ll pick three of them as winners. Those winners will receive a copy of Age of Primes: Episode 1.

How will I select the winners?

  • We want the winner to be able to demonstrate the game.
  • Genuine responses to the game as well as good sportsmanship during the game.
  • Talk to us and tell us what you think of the game. Your feedback is invaluable!
  • Tell us about your favorite cards in the set.
  • Make me laugh 🙂

Since this is about sharing and broadening the visibility of Age of Primes, we will be sharing as many videos as we can on social media as well as here on the site. Please be sure to keep language and behavior under control!

Age of Primes Print and Play
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