Geronimo -- Age of PrimesAfter a 65 year, tumultuous journey from Earth on a voyage to colonize the distant planet Eidre-4, the crew begins to awaken from stasis only to learn the truth… the ship has been sabotaged! Desperate for a planet to land on, Captain Mason discovers a tiny green planet orbiting a soft glowing blue star. Is it possible that they have discovered salvation? Geronimo!

In Geronimo, you will learn the origins of many of our main characters, including Joseph Tromburg, Shaun Mason, Roman Jackson and even Taren Blaine, the Firstborn.

Geronimo! The Story Behind the Story

Geronimo is a prequel book for the Age of Primes story. The story takes place during the Dorchester landing on Skellium. Experience the excitement and terror of being the first humans to step foot on an unexplored planet.

Join us on a mission of exploration into space in order to colonize a new planet. We will witness the characters in Geronimo struggle through the crash-landing of the colonizer, the Dorchester, and the growth of an infant colony. Many of the characters that you will know from the card game or current episodes found their way to the forefront of the Age of Primes story during the time of the landing, known as 0 AL — After Landing.

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