When a ship lost in space is forced to crash-land on an uncharted, jungle planet, the human colonists aboard did only what they could do, what the Dorchester was designed to do: start a civilization. Shortly after unloading the functional pieces of the ship, maps started to be drawn, territories laid out, and governments assembled. Macedon, the first human settlement on a new planet, was born. In its infancy, Macedon could hardly be called a city. For the first year, it resembled something closer to a human survivalist camp amidst the wreckage of a starship. Soon roads began to form, winding around and through the dense plant-covered ground. New structures of wood started to be built around the metal buildings from the ship’s break-away compartments, the civilized spark of humanity started to shine through.

OverruleThe houses of Wren, Lark, Finch, Parakeet, Cockatiel and Canary were all formed during the initial launch of the H.S.S. Dorchester with the intent of compartmentalizing the burden of creating a functioning society both during its journey, and after landing. However, shortly after the city was on its feet, the government power then known as Parakeet made a decree that the Houses were to dissolve, and the Macedon Central Council would be created to preside over all affairs of the fledgling society. Unfortunately, the effects of the segregation on the colonists was greater than anticipated: Wren had a unique identity that hindered their integration, and Lark had an entire life philosophy built around the teachings of their leader, Mandara Amah. While most took the dissolution in stride, Lark took the very idea as an insult.

The Battle at the Granary was the first major conflict in Macedon’s bloody history. Open warfare was not commonplace, especially due to the environment endangering lives on a daily basis. The military power of the Journeymen Order, formerly house Canary, was met with strong resistance from House Lark when they refused to hand over the means of food production to the Council, conforming with the rest of the colony. While Lark was losing this battle, the narrative of an oppressive government slaughtering farmers to steal their livelihood made the Council quickly disengage. Afterward, Lark officially seceded from the colony to become an independent organization working alongside the Council rather than under them, though still within the city walls.

Roman Jackson

Shortly after Lark’s success in keeping their identity, Roman Jackson, the leader of the House of Wren, decided that the precedent was set for his organization to follow suit. The House of Wren became the third separate entity in the city of Macedon, within their district known as Claypigeon. The heart of Wren never fully dissolved, having its own identity, funds, resources and rule of law. This empowered the denizens of Claypigeon, and gave them a purpose: work to make their house number one, especially above Lark. In his political maneuverings, Roman Jackson also got former head of house Parakeet to join his cause, Lain Cochrane. With his following of science and medical personnel, Wren was poised to become the superpower in the colony. However,various infighting, the conflict with Lark, and the overall tenets of the house prevented Wren from dominating and overtaking the Central Council.  This was exacerbated when Lain Cochrane, dissatisfied with his new partner, made a move to separate himself from Wren.

Lain CochranePreviously designated Sector 32, known currently as Greenspire, was an area roped off due to toxic material and harmful radiation. Lain Cochrane took over the area and its tall tower after clearing out the area of chemical spillage. Cochrane’s manipulation of Roman Jackson paved the way for Clarity Inc. to set its roots into the colony, and rise up into a mirror of Wren: one tactile, violent and emotional, the other cerebral, passive and logical. Cochrane’s influence and innovation, along with Ethan Lonsworth’s genius and creativity, formed an intellectual power among the colony, a true capitalistic enterprise that dealt in medicine, education and science. Sunreach Tower would become a beacon for hope and elevated purpose in Macedon.

Cochrane’s occupation of the area north of Claypigeon left Jackson only one direction to expand his empire: straight into Lark territory. While hostility between the two houses had elevated even before this event, Jackson’s mission turned to crippling Lark and, ultimately, pushing them out of the colony. He accomplished his mission by sabotaging Lark from the inside. First, he sent in sleeper agents to escalate attacks on his own people. Then, he bribed one of the brutal heroes of the Battle at the Granary, Haddy Reinhardt, to eliminate the Lark security corporals. She was successful in the tampering of security logs and rounding up the majority of Lark’s guns. Reinhardt’s effectiveness and Wren’s expert maneuvering made short work of Lark’s defenses. When the Journeymen finally attacked, the Larksmen were forcefully removed from Macedon, and exiled.

To Be Continued…