Highcourt is the northwestern region of Macedon and is the capital district of the colony. The region was originally elevated during the founding to ensure that it would be higher than the rest of the city so that if the lake in the center of the colony should continue rising from the crater formed, it would not flood the capital. Upon this plateau, the pre-manufactured buildings stored away inside the Dorchester were removed and set in place. The rise also held Skellium’s overgrown jungle plant life at bay, leaving the buildings of Highcourt safe to shine above the rest of Macedon. It became a testament to humanity overcoming space travel hardships to colonize a new planet. The marble and granite buildings house Macedon’s finest and foremost to ensure order within the city walls.

Today, Highcourt has become the focal point of Macedonian politics. All manners of business, law and justice flow into and out of Highcourt — for better or worse. The grandiose palaces that serve as The Council Chambers, Justice Center, Promenade and even residences stand at a stark contrast to the rest of Macedon.

The People of Highcourt

Highcourt GalaVery few people actually live in Highcourt. Despite the near-constant hustle and bustle, most people who work in the area live in surrounding regions, such as Westbastion, or Greenspire.  There, they can live comfortably on the higher wages found in Highcourt, while still maintaining a foothold in high society.

The wealthy, on the other hand, enjoy their posh lifestyle within the northwestern walls. Whether a banker, businessman, politico, or even someone in the business of selling information, Highcourt serves as a hotbed for people of influence to rub elbows with each other. Most commoners prefer to avoid Highcourt, as there is a huge rift between common people and the Highcourt elite.

However, despite differences, there is a tremendous draw for everyone in Macedon towards the Promenade. Even the poorest of Macedonians flock to the marketplace to see the latest trends, new foods, fashions, and witness the spectacle of the celebrities — though most of these visitors can’t afford to actually buy anything. The workforce of Highcourt tends to be bureaucrats. These bureaucrats are often servants of more elite bureaucrats who are furthering the agenda of even higher ranking officials. The seemingly never-ending line of bureaucracy is by design: there are plenty of people in the pool to shift blame around, and the more complex it becomes, the more necessary politicians become, lest the people think they could manage without them.


The Praetorians, Central Council’s enforcer group, tend to guard important people or places. That said, between the high number of guards through Highcourt and the close proximity to Fort Sandquist, (the Journeyman Order’s headquarters,) crime and violence rates are extremely low in the area.

Many would argue that the chaste behavior of the citizens of Highcourt is less dependent on the Praetorians and Journeymen and is more due to the severe verdicts and sentencing passed down by the Justices. Many businesses and individuals who choose to operate in Claypigeon or Greenspire do so because they want to avoid the strict codes and law enforcement passed down by Highcourt Justices, who serve as judge and jury of their district.

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Worldbuilding: Highcourt

Perched in the northwest corner of Macedon, the Highcourt district stands tall over the rest of the city. Here the Central Council keeps rule over their domain, high above the territories of the lesser Houses. The district is home to the seat of Macedon’s government, democracy, law and order… and yet, there is far more going on in Highcourt than meets the eye.

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