Greenspire is the northeastern region of Macedon and is the science district of the colony. This region was originally radioactive during the founding due to a thruster engine that crashed down and leaked. Upon clearing the area of radiation, Lain Cochrane seceded from Wren with his science teams and founded Clarity Inc. Due to Clarity’s technological and professional touch, the area is much more advanced and orderly than the rest of the city.

Solar FlareToday, Sunreach Plaza has become the focal point of Macedonian business dealings. All manners of science, services, and retail flow into and out of Greenspire. The monolithic tower that serves as the hub looks down on the rest of the colony, a beacon of progress and healthy capitalism that no one in Macedon can ignore.

Clarity Academy is the focus of higher learning in the city, giving Greenspire a prestigious and uplifting aura within the community, full of promise and wonder. While there is no gate separating Greenspire from the rest of the city, there is no doubt to even the most unaware citizen that they have stepped foot into the home of Clarity.

The People of Greenspire

There are not many people living in Sunreach Plaza. Most live in surrounding regions designated for housing. The blue-collar workers reside either in Claypigeon or Docksdown where the wages of Greenspire keep them at the height of their social class. Some live inside their store’s space–in a loft or back room residence. As for the science and medical departments, no one resides within these buildings unless they are being treated medically, or genetically. The board of directors and their respective advisors, as well as the head of the different science divisions all live within a stone’s throw of Sunreach Tower. This allows them to be on hand faster in emergencies, as well as benefit from the strict Clarity security.

Laboratory AssistantThe common areas of the region serve to host some of the most enlightened meetings and performances, given that the area is a hotbed for the most intellectual and driven members of Macedon. With the Academy, it also serves to host the youth of Macedon on their way toward their bright future, giving the overall culture a refined wit and civilized decorum.  All types of people make their way through Greenspire, but unless they are dressed intelligently and have an inquiring mind, they tend to stick out like a sore thumb.

The one odd spot in the western side of Greenspire is Holland’s Emporium. All of the Holland family lives and works in this junkyard-turned-tourist attraction. While brilliant in their own right, Jasper and Aretha have an eccentric vibe that tends to rub many Greenspire residents the wrong way.

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