Claypigeon, the southeastern region of Macedon, is a place of big shoulders, dreams, and populations. This dense part of Macedon serves as the home for the House of Wren and its many warring factions. With the poorest of the poor living on top of each other, Claypigeon looks more like a country just developing over any other area in Macedon.

Pawn BrokerClaypigeon was originally built to house the labor force during the construction of the colony. As they were unsure at the time how much of the ship would be needed for more important structures and permanent housing, they used very little of the ship’s housing compartments in Claypigeon. The area was built mainly from a clay-like material (which gave the region its name) and lumber hastily chopped from the surrounding area. Though time has passed since Claypigeon’s construction, the region has largely stood unimproved and is considered a poor neighborhood.

After Wren seceded from Council rule, they assumed sole control of Claypigeon. Unfortunately for the people of Claypigeon, improvements were on the low end of the priority list. While Wren did continue working on buildings and neighborhoods over the years as a general construction crew, they did so only when commissioned by the Council, neglecting their own homes and communities. Council has yet to commission or support Wren in any way to improve the buildings and community within Claypigeon’s walls.

It was not long after the secession that the gang wars broke out and the entire region became abused and neglected. As time went on, political, moral, and material decay set in. Since the Council had limited power in the region, the Praetorians and Journeymen were powerless and could not maintain peace inside Claypigeon. Ultimately, the Journeymen Order were forced to establish bases inside and protect areas of interest, turning a blind-eye to the populace surrounding them.

Because it was destined to be the long-term home of Jackson and his Blackguard, he took great pride in using the best materials to build the first buildings of Claypigeon. He also tore off an unused section of the Dorchester which was originally a large gun turret and ammo warehouse and placed it in what later became the center of Claypigeon. This tri-pyramid complex, known as the Surpasseum, became the headquarters for the Blackguard and the beating heart of Wren power. The Surpasseum is the third largest structure in Macedon and can be seen in the skyline from almost every point in the city. No one really knows if the plasma cannon on top of the building is functional or not, but no one is willing to find out.

The People of Claypigeon

Lurking Informant

Claypigeon is the home to over 50,000 people who mainly belong to the working or labor class. Most of the people are hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding men and women with the misfortune of making little money to sustain their meager lives under the constant threat of Wren gang violence.

Claypigeon looks like any other city district: its streets are lined with storefronts, restaurants, and other businesses. Those establishments are backed with housing and strengthened by the people. The business owners of the city typically are on first name basis with the gang leader who currently has control of their region and has negotiated terms. In other parts of Macedon, this would be considered extortion, but in Claypigeon, it is the price of doing business.

On a normal day, gang members hang out in the neighborhood streets which they control, wearing their colors proudly. Often, the storefronts that line major streets will also adorn themselves with the current gang colors in order to avoid confrontations and help eliminate the violence involved in border disputes.  The people of the neighborhood typically are not aligned with the gangs and simply live their lives, hoping that the gangs leave them alone. Though many can be found getting a drink in the infamous Wren’s Claw Tavern where all are welcome, whether you are making or breaking a deal, or drawing blood in a fight to settle a score in the pits.

Inter-gang violence is very common, therefore they typically leave the passersby alone, focusing either on each other or local businesses. “The Way of the Wren” demands respect and honor, and it has become a disrespectful act to vandalize or abuse innocent people. Wren demands honor and glory in combat and over the years, the people of Claypigeon, while living in fear of crossfire, have come to accept their situation and do their best to avoid popular battlegrounds and keep to themselves. Strangely enough, the civilians and gangs have developed an odd balance between violence and peace.

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