Age of Primes Card GameAfter many years in space, a group of humans crash-land on a remote alien world. Splitting into different factions, the colonists found a new civilization dominated by powerful heroes, leaders, and figures of influence.

Age of Primes is a story-driven episodic card game with a unique sci-fi setting. Players take on different Personas, recruit Followers, and compete to accumulate the most Prestige for their House.

Pick your House. Choose your Persona. The Age of Primes has begun!

Episodic Card Game

Age of Primes is an episodic card game built around an ever-advancing epic storyline. The Houses and characters you choose will evolve and change as new episodes are released, with new Primes and factions emerging all the time to shift the landscape of the game.

Instead of being locked into the same handful of choices set after set, each new episode of Age of Primes will add new factions and characters, opening up entire new avenues for deckbuilding. You’ll also see your favorite Primes return in future stories — but they might not be the same as you remember them… Tune in for the next episode!

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Choose Your Destiny

Sylvester McCormick

Each time you sit down to play Age of Primes, you’ll choose a Prime and a faction to play as. The Persona you select will start the game in play and can’t ever be removed — shaping your strategy in fundamental ways as the game goes on.

You can play Age of Primes right out of the box with any of our Episode I: Firstborn pre-constructed theme decks: Glory of Wren, Council Authority, or Clarity Experiments. Then, when you’re ready for an additional challenge, you can build your own deck with whichever House and Persona you choose. The decision is yours!

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