Age of Primes Team

The design and development of Age of Primes has been a long road. We are so excited to finally have the game and setting ready for you to play and enjoy. Let’s take a quick look at our team and get to know the people responsible for making this game a reality!

Chris Newton – Game Director

Sylvester McCormick

More than anyone else, it was Chris’ vision of a true episodic, story-driven game system that led to making Age of Primes. In their simplest forms, the Houses, story-setting, and premise of the game were all Chris’ brainchild — a grand dream that brought all of the rest of us together.

Beyond managing the week to week progress of the team and helping fine-tune the cards, Chris is responsible for the “big picture” — setting design goals, establishing milestones, and plotting the project’s trajectory.

Favorite Card: Sylvester McCormick

Jake Kessler – Game Designer

Jake has the seemingly insurmountable job of translating Chris’ broad vision into a workable game, taking the core ideas and story setting Chris created and turning it into the game we have today. The game rules, mechanics, design philosophy, balance and pacing are all Jake’s responsibilities, in addition to designing the lion’s share of the cards themselves (and of course, talking Chris back from some of his more “out there” ideas every now and again).

Jake’s dream has always been to become a successful card game designer, so he’s thrilled to finally be able to show off what he can do.

Favorite Card: Khaleid Al-Far

Joe Latham – Game Artist

Shaun Mason

It’s safe to say that without Joe’s tireless dedication to personally sketching and illustrating every card in the game, there wouldn’t be an Age of Primes. A talented artist, Joe was able to visualize the dream that Chris had described and brought the world of Skellium and Macedon to life and become real in a way in which we hadn’t seen before.

Favorite Card: Shaun Mason

Matt Viviani – Creative Writer

Lain Cochrane

A self-proclaimed Age of Primes historian, Matt helps manage Age of Primes’ sprawling story canon, keeping all the different pieces of writing together in working continuity. He helps bring a sense of realism to our story setting, making sure our sci-fi world stays tethered to real life.

Most of Matt’s time is spent writing and editing stories all the while debating with Chris whether Roman Jackson would really say that…

Favorite Card: Lain Cochrane

Rebekah Sharpe – Creative Writer

Dalia Meir

A born storyteller, Rebekah breathes life into our characters, Houses and environments through her short stories. More than one character has taken on a much more substantial role in our story setting after being featured in one of Rebekah’s stories. She also does a tremendous job at helping Joe get the art rolling with her moodboards.

Rebekah is most known for her strong female characters, and for arguing with Chris and Matt when they try to change things.

Favorite Card: Dalia Meir